Proof of living together for Spouse Visa, ILR Applications: A requirement for partner visa

This is a mandatory requirement for spouse visa, also known as partner visa or marriage visa to provide evidence that applicant and their UK sponsor husband or partner have been living together since last grant of leave to enter or remain in UK as a spouse. This is also called evidence of cohabitation for spouse visa. The UK sponsor is normally a British Citizen or have Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK.

You must provide at least 6 items of correspondence, addressed to you and your partner jointly or in both your names. The dates of the items of correspondence should be spread evenly over the whole 2.5 years. They should be from at least 3 different sources. If you do not have enough items in your joint names, you may also provide items addressed to each of you individually if they show the same address and details, for both of you. 

For example

4 items of correspondence in joint names to the same address and 2 items addressed to each partner at the address. In total 8 items would need to be submitted. If you and your partner have no bills or correspondence in joint names, you will need to submit 12 items (6 each) of correspondence evidencing that you reside together at the same address. 

Examples of acceptable evidence include

Letters or other documents from government departments or agencies, for example HM Revenue and Customs, Department for Work and Pensions, DVLA, TV Licensing Letters or other documents from your GP, a hospital or other local health service about medical treatments, appointments, home visits or other medical matters Bank statements or letters Building society savings books or letters Council tax bills or statements. Electricity or gas bills or statements Water rates bills or statements Mortgage statements or agreement Tenancy agreement(s) Telephone bills or statements

Electronic Mail

Most correspondence these days comes electronically. For electronic mail, documents can be downloaded in PDF format. But it should clearly show the name, address and date on the official company’s letterhead. Any bills, bank statements etc. must be monthly or quarterly generated.

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