Nationality & ILR

This section covers all nationality related matters including Permanent Residence-ILR, routes to become Indefinite Leave to Remain, Becoming British Citizen- Naturalisation, Registering as a British Citizen, British Overseas Citizen, Giving up British and other Citizenship to acquire nationality of another county and citizenship of all other countries including Canada and Australia. Also discuss dual nationality policies.

Register a Child as a British Citizen

Child born in the UK does not become British Citizen as a right. It depend on the circumstances such as the settlement and nationality of their parents. Different rules apply for the Children of EU Citizens who born in UK or abroad. Child born in UK to British citizen parents and abroad are British Citizen by birth. They do not have to apply for nationality or registration. They can apply for British Passport. If child is not eligible to register, they may be eligible to apply for Naturalisation Application to become British National.

English Language Requirement for UK Visas

It is requirement of certain immigration categories including spouse visa, Naturalisation, Tier 2 Visa, Skilled Immigration for all countries and investment visas in some countries, that applicants should have certain level of English Language Skills in order to meet immigration rules. If you are applying in any one of those categories then we can help.

Naturalisation Application for British Citizenship

Naturalisation is a process of getting citizenship of a country through residence. Just like a lot of other countries in the world, UK allows immigration to acquire British Citizenship. UK law allows dual citizenship but the other country, normally country of your Birth, may not allow to have nationality of an other country. Therefore it is very important that you check this before making an application for Naturalisation in UK. India is an example of a country which does not allow dual citizenship.

Proof of living together for Spouse Visa, ILR Applications

This is a mandatory requirement for spouse visa, also known as partner visa or marriage visa to provide evidence that applicant and their UK sponsor husband or partner have been living together since last grant of leave to enter or remain in UK as a spouse. The UK sponsor is normally a British Citizen or have Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK.
You must provide at least 6 items of correspondence, addressed to you and your partner jointly or in both your names. The dates of the items of correspondence should be spread evenly over the whole 2.5 years. They should be from at least 3 different sources. If you do not have enough items in your joint names, you may also provide items addressed to each of you individually if they show the same address and details, for both of you.

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