Dependant Children Visa to join British and non- British parents, carer in the UK or Extend your dependent child visa

What is a UK Dependent Child Visa?

Children of British Nationals, EU Citizens with settled status or pre-settled status under EU Settlement Scheme or persons with Indefinite Leave to Remain can apply to join their parents or carer in the UK on the basis of their relationship. They can apply for Permanent Residence in UK if one of their parents is British Citizen or have ILR. Children of EU citizens can apply for EU Settlement Scheme. Children from previous relationships (or adopted children) can make an application but a high threshold of evidence is required in terms of parental responsibility.

Applying for Child Visa

You can apply with the parents if they are coming to UK or you can apply individually if parents are already in UK.

Age under 18 or over 18

Different immigration rules apply if age of the child is under 18 or over and they have formed a family by living an independent family life or if they are applying from inside or outside UK and whether they were granted previous leave as a child of someone settled in UK. We only deal with applications where child is under 18 years of age.

Key facts, processing times

Visa Validity33 Months (Outside UK)/ 30 Months (Inside UK)/ Indefinite Leave to Enter/ Visa inline with parent’s visa
Processing Time in UK14-16 Weeks
Processing time outside UK14-16 Weeks (Complex applications can take much longer than usual processing time)
Super Priority Service in UK £10001 Working Day (May not available at all the times)
Priority Service outside UK £5006 Weeks (May not available in all countries at all times). Complex applications amy take much longer.
Last updated: 9 Oct 2023

Visa Approvals for Our Clients- Success Stories

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Book Online

ServiceDescription of ServiceFixed Fees
Book Full Application Preparation & Submission Service Comprehensive service. All work covered from start to the end. Fixed Fee, No VAT, No Hidden Charges. Allocated caseworker. The Fees is for the first applicant. An additional dependant/ person pays discounted fee when applying together at the same time.
 Full advice about all queries related to visa application
 List of documents for your immigration application
 Full prepare and complete the application form
 Pay visa fees and other applicable fees on your behalf – Of course you will reimburse us for any disbursements
 Submit the application form and application as registered immigration representative
 Upload all the documents or submit to the Home Office by post
 Book Bio-metrics appointment to capture your fingerprints and photo at one of the visa application centre
 Continuous advice from the day one until a decision is made by the embassy or Home Office

Home Office, Embassy and NHS Health Surcharge Fees: Costs of Visa Application

Dependent Children Visa Application FeesIn UKVisa Extensions, Switching Only Outside UK*
(Child residing abroad)
Home Office Application Fee£1048£1846
NHS Health Surcharge£1940 (776 x 2.5 years)£2328 (776 x 3 years)
Biometric Fee0 0
Biometric Appointment Fee 0-120 (99% clients get free appointments)0-120 (Most of clients get free appointments) **
Foreign Currency Bank Charges (Approx.) and higher rate charged by Home Office 0150
Total (without appointment fee)£2988£4,300 (Approx)*
*For applications made outside UK, the actual costs vary slightly due to currency conversion and payment handler Home Office. Home Office fees are subject to change. Home Office charge high rate for the fee when showing fee in local curreny or GBP, Euro or USD. The Home Office increased visa fee in Oct 2023 and IHS on 11 Apr 2024, therefore cost of the visa application fee has been increased. Information in this section has been provided as a guidance only.
**For clients applying from certain countries including EU countries, UKVI charge an additional EURO 55 for Biometrics Appointment).
Last updated: 1 Feb 2024

Other ways to Book UK Visa Services with ZR Visas, UK

You can book a service online by following the above links. Alternatively please provide us with your full name, full address, email address and contact number, we will book service for you-
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