Employing EU citizens and non-EU nationals- Healthcare Professionals, IT Consultants, Business Managers


Recruiting employees is a lengthy and cumbersome process. In particular, where recruited is from different countries. You might be busy doing interviews, screening, referencing and other business activities. In that case, you can trust for all visa and licensing requirements. We as an OISC Registered Immigration Consultants have competence and experience do all work on immigration side. We will take care of everything for you from making application for sponsor licence, issuance of Certificate of Sponsorship called CoS and making visa application for newly recruited employees from inside and outside UK. We have 100% success rate in sponsor licence applications since 2006, see latest decisions for our clients. We have clients range from IT companies, warehouses ,nursing homes to private medical groups. We are top rated visa advice business, establish in 2006. In whole 15 years of our history, customer service has always been on the top of our corporate values. That is the reason, our clients have rated us 5 Star on Trustpilot, Google, Yell, Facebook and other feedback platforms. As our immigration practice licence is for whole of the UK, therefore we can serve you in any part of the United Kingdom including England, Wales, Scotland and rest of the world.

Video on Sponsor Licence

Our CEO Mr. Naveed covered following aspects of the UK Employer Sponsor Licence in this video:

  1. Who needs an Employer Sponsor Licence?
  2. Three Step Process
  3. Labour Market Test
  4. Categories covered under Licence
  5. Types of Employer Licence
  6. Licence Fees
  7. Validity Period
  8. Licence Rating
  9. Processing time
  10. Other Home Office Costs- Cos & Skilled Worker Charge
  11. Documents Required for License Application
  12. Our Services and Support
1. Who needs an Employer Sponsor Licence? 2. Three Step Process 3. Labour Market Test 4. Categories covered under Licence 5. Types of Employer Licence 6. Licence Fees 7. Validity Period 8. Licence Rating 9. Processing time 10. Other Home Office Costs- Cos & Skilled Worker Charge 11. Documents Required for License Application 12. Our Services and Support

Eligibility Requirements to employ someone from outside UK

  • Employer is required to have an appropriate sponsor licence. The UK Home Office deals with license applications.
  • The employee has certificate of sponsorship (CoS) from your employer showing job role and  job code
  • Job must be on the list of eligible occupations
  • Employee must be paid a minimum salary. The salary requirements varies and depend on the job role. The minimum salary for skilled worker visa is £25600

Health and Care Skilled Worker Visa for Medical Professionals

Newly introduced Health and Care skilled worker visa is a fast visa route for medical professionals to come and work in UK. The doctors, nurses, dentists, consultants and midwives around the world are equally eligible to apply as long as they are registered with the professional medical bodies in the UK. We offer one-stop shop solution and advise you all aspects of licensing and visa requirements. Read more details about Health and Care visa.

Our Success Rate

We have 100 percent result for Licensing applications and issuance of CoS since last 15 years. None of our application for sponsor licence is ever refused by the UK Home Office. A recent decision letter is below.

A Recent Feedback for a Sponsor Licence Application

ZR visas has provided services for us to secure Sponsorship license. Naveed (from ZR Visas) was quiet cooperative and was keeping me up to date with the process and documentation. On top of that, they are quiet approachable. I am looking forward to work with them again.

5 July 2021, Trustpilot

Professions including IT Consultants, Healthcare Professionals, Management Experts

To sponsor an employee in a skilled worker job, the job mus fall into one or more the jobs specified in the recognised professions list or shortage occupation list. The professions which normally falls in the worker visa route are (but not limited to):

Financial managers, marketing managers, purchasing, human resource, storage and warehousing, information technology (IT), social care, doctors, nurses, chemical, biological scientists, engineers, Veterinarians, Actors, entertainers and presenters, Taxation experts, Importers and exporters, IT engineers. There are hundred’s of other professions. Contact us for full assessment.

Employer sponsor license

UK companies and businesses who wants to bring talent in UK should have been approved by the Home Office as an approved employer. Employers are issued a sponsor license. A sponsor licence is valid for four (4) years, project managers, graphics designers, Chartered and certified accountants, lawyers, solicitors, Quality control and planning engineers,  Artists,

Cost of sponsor licence

The fees for licence depends whether you are a small sponsor or falls into large sponsor category. A company with less than 50 employees and annual turnover up to £10.2 is classed as a small sponsor for employer sponsor licence application.

For a small employer to employ worker and temporary worker, fee is £536. For medium and large sponsors, fee for worker licence is £1476 and for temporary worker fee is £536. If you would like to apply in worker and temporary worker category, the higher fee will be applied.

Types of Sponsor Licence

There are two types of sponsor licence Worker License and Temporary Worker License. The type of licence you need will depend on the type pf job you want to offer to your employees such as long term or short term. Skilled worker visa, minister of religion visas, intra-company transfer visas and sportsperson visas falls in worker licence. Seasonal worker, government authorised exchange worker for work experience, charity worker, religious worker, creative or sporting worker and international agreement worker comes in the definition of temporary worker license.

Processing time for sponsor license application

The most of the applications are decided within 8 weeks. For an additional fee of £500, application can be fast-tracked and decision is made within 10 working days. All businesses whose applications are approved will get A rating. The rating can be downgraded to B if business fails to meet the sponsor duties such as failed to report an employee absent from the work. Action plan is required to get the A rating again after implementing the recommendations of the Home Office.

Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS)

These are electronic record in the sponsorship management system (SMS) and are issued to the employees. In simple words, these are electronic authorisation confirming that employee is being sponsored by an approved sponsor in the UK. Defined CoS are issued to the employees who are recruited from outside UK. The Home Office must approve the request for Defined CoS which usually take one working day. Undefined CoS are allotted to people employed inside UK and in all other categories not covered by Defined CoS. Employer are responsible for paying CoS fees.

Worker CoS Fee £199
Temporary Worker CoS Fee £21

Immigration Skilled Charge for Skilled Workers and Intra-company transfer visas

The CoS issued in the skilled worker visa and intra company transfer visas have to pay extra fee which is called Immigration Skilled Charge (ISC). Charge is only applicable if employing someone from outside UK for more than 6 months or inside UK for any duration of job. Some job are exempt from paying this charge.

Charge for 12 months is £364 for small sponsors and £1000 for medium and large approved sponsors
For each additional 6 months period, £182 for small approved sponsors and £500 for large and medium sponsors

For example, a small sponsor who employ someone for 2 years will pay £364 x 2, a total of £728.

Our Services: One Stop Solution from Licensing Application to Visas Applications and Citizenship

  • We offer wide range of services:
    • Full Employer Licence Application to become Home Office Approved Sponsor
    • Check eligibility of your business for sponsor license to become an approved employer
    • Sponsor Licence Renewal Application
    • Home Office Action Plan Advice
    • CoS Issuance
    • CoS Annual Allocation Applications
    • Sponsorship Action Plan Compliance for B Rated Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence (formerly Tier 2 Sponsors)
    • Retention Services for sponsorship management system (SMS)
    • Visa Application of Employees
    • Visa Extension of Employees
    • Indefinite Leave to Remain (Permanent Residence)  of Employees
    • Detailed Feasibility Reports for any of above matters
    • Naturalisation applications for workers

Book Our Services Online

We offer many services for employers, below are some the main services. If the service you need is not available, please contact us for personalised quote.

Full application service for Sponsor Licence£1,100Preparing and submitting sponsor application as a registered immigration adviser. Unlimited support and advice until licence application is decided.
Issue CoS to Employee£300Issue Certificate of Sponsor (CoS) to a potential employee. Minimum quantity 3. Once issued, candidate will be able to use CoS to make visa application.
UnDefined CoS Application- Annual CoS Allocation/ Additional CoS Request (For Inside UK Immigrants)£300An application to the Home Office for annual CoS or request to increase the CoS quota to sponsor immigrants who are already in the UK on other visa caegories such as student, skilled worker visa. This is not a standalone service. Can ONLY be booked when booked togther with CoS issue service for at least 3 candidates. 
Defined CoS Application (For Outside UK Immigrants)£300An application to the Home Office for Defined CoS to sponsor migrants from outside UK. Minmum quantity 3 apply. This is not a standalone service. Can ONLY be booked when booked togther with CoS issue service for at least 3 candidates.
Visa Application for Employee£500Fully prepare and submit visa application for skilled worker visa. Advice from start to the point of decision on the application by the embassy or Home Office.
Full Application Service for Licence Renewal£750Employer sponsor licence is valid for 4 years. Full application service to renew licence for another four years. Renew sponsor licence to keeping employing foreign professionals. Full application preparation and submission service.
Assessment service for sponsor licence application£750Full Assessment before making the sponsor licence application. To know eligibility and suitability.
Skilled Worker Visa- Employee Assessment£300Assessment of a proposed employee for their suitability of Skilled Worker Visa.
Home Office Action Plan£1100When Home Office has downgraded licence rating from A to B. Full advice to implement the action plan provided by the Home Office and follow up to achieve A rating.
For some of the above services (such as CoS related) businesses will have to add us as legal representative on Home Office Sponsorship Management System (SMS).
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