Apply for ILR, Settlement, Permanent Residence application: Indefinite Leave to Remain Application in the UK on the basis of work or marriage to British citizen

Apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain ILR on the basis of marriage to a British Partner or on work visa route or parent of a British Child

ILR, Settlement also known as Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) gives permanent residence rights to the applicants. After spending certain number of years in an eligible category, ILR can be applied. In UK, you can apply for ILR after spending 5 years. Though few other categories allows UK permanent residence after 3 years. Application can also be made on the basis of marriage to a British National or person living in the UK who has settled status. Also, in the work visas such as Tier 2 General, Representative of the overseas business and Skilled Worker visa.

Visa Approvals for ILR Applications for Our Clients- Success Stories100% Success Rate since 2006

From 2006 to the date, please see below the ILR Applications approvals for our clinets since 2006. Read more success.

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Eligibility Requirements

Work categories and family members routes are normally eligible categories. The number of years required to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) vary from one immigration category to another but normally required years for UK ILR to have been lived in UK are 5 years.Besides fulfilling residency requirements, for UK there are other requirements attached to to eligible for ILR such as Knowledge of English and Life in UK Test. There are some exemptions to the above requirements such as children and older people after certain age are not required to fulfil the requirements of English Language and Life in UK Test. Financial requirements must be met to make a successful ILR application on the basis of spouse visa.

Life in the UK Test

Everyone applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (Permanent Residence in the UK) must pass the test. Under 18, over 65 or over and applicants who have a long term physical and mental condition are exempt from the requirement of passing the Life in the UK test. The test consists of 24 questions in 45 minutes time. To pass the test, score must be 75% or more.

Knowledge of English for Settlement/ ILR Applications

All applicants 18 or over need to meet the English requirement. They can meet this requirement by passing an approved English language test at B1, B2, C1 or C2. Alternatively, they have a degree taught or researched in the English. If degree was not taught in the majority English speaking country, they need to provide a certificate from NARIC.

Residence Requirements

To qualify for ILR, applicant must have been Continuously UK Resident for 5 years before the date of the application. Absences of more than 180 days are not allowed in any 12 months period to meet the ILR residence requirement. The immigration rules for residence requirements are complex. Exceptions also apply to the general rule in certain circumstances.

Processing time

ILR applications are normally decided within 12 weeks of attending Biometric Appointment. Complex applications can take longer than this.

Application cost for ILR Application

Application TypeIndefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)
Processing Time in UK6 Months
Home Office Fee£2885 (Last updated 8 Oct 2023)
Super Priority Service in UK £10001 Working Day (Subject to availability from UKVI) after attending biometrics appointment
Processing time may vary, depending on the complexity of the application.

In addition to this fee, the Home Office may charge £19.20 is official fee for Biometric enrolment. The UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) fees are revised (mostly increased) almost every year in April and October. The applicants does not pay NHS Healthsurchage when making Indefinite Leave to Remain application.

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