Sponsored Employment in United Kingdom- Tier 2 General Visa Application Further Leave to Remain, Dependants Application, Switching into Tier 2 General from Tier 4

Tier 2 General Visa has been replaced by Skilled Worker Visa.

Looking for work abroad involves a lot of research. To assist our clients in this cumbersome process, we can help to find the relevant job more professionally. Broadly speaking, the jobs can be divided into different categories such as:

  1. Temporary Jobs
  2. Permanent Jobs leading to Settlement and Nationality
  3. Contract Based Jobs not leading to Settlement and Nationality

All major countries taking immigrants such as UK, Australia and Canada used point based and non- point based system in different immigration categories. Point-based immigration categories normally lead to the settlement and nationality of the country after continuous residence of 2-6 years.  ​​

What are UK Work Permits?

This is probably the most demanded immigration category with its inherited benefits such as job confirmed by employer before travel and certain amount of salary is contracted. Depending on the destination country, this category leads to permanent residence and nationality.

What is UK point based system and how points are awarded for Tier 2 General?

Points based system is a system where points are awarded for certain attributes in order to qualify for a job, immigration application, Tier 2 General and Tier 4 General applicaiton. Following are the main factors:

  • Age
  • English Language Skills
  • Academic/ Professional Qualifications
  • Work Experience
  • Maintenance Funds
  • Available Investment (For investment categories only)

I want you to fully prepare my Tier 2 General Visa Application or FLR application or I want to switch to Tier 2 General. Which services you offer and what are your fees?

We offer full corephensive service to fully prepapre your visa, FLR or switiching application for a fixed fees. You can book the service online:

  • Visa Application Preparation
  • Submission of Visa Application as your Representative
  • Assist in fulfillment of Job’s Immigration Requirements
  • Provide you with the Sources to find a job
  • Assist Employer in issuing work permits
  • Assist Employer in getting Sponsor Licence (UK Tier 2)
  • Feasibility Reports for your intended Work Permit Applications

Feel free to contact us for any queries and no obligation quotation for the services you required.

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