Certified English Translation for UK Visas and Immigration Applications

To make a UK Visa Application such as UK Spouse Visa, UK Fiance Visa, Marriage Visitor Visa and UK Visit Visa, you will be required to provide documents and information as part of the process. All documents which are not English must be accompanied by Certified English Translation. This will be in the form of an English translation of the whole document along with a certificate from the translator person or company confirming that contents of the translation are a true copy of the original document. Ideally such translations should be-

  • Printed on letterheaded paper
  • Containing the full name, address
  • Email address, phone number and website (if available) of the translator.

This will help the British High Commission or UK Visas and Immigration (Home Office, UK) to verify the authenticity of the documents in question. An application without translation in correct format may fall for refusal or delay.

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