After attending biometrics appointment!

Next step after attending Biometrics Appointment for UK Visas in country Applications

I have attended my UK Visa biometrics appointment in the UK. What can I expect now?

We have legally represented your UK visa application and submitted it to the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) as an OISC Registered Immigration Firm. All communication will be directed to our address including emails. While dealing with your immigration matter, the UK Home Office may ask to provide further evidence to substantiate your application. As a legal representative, we will reply to all such requests. Of course, you will receive updates on the application as and when we have an update for you. You do not need to contact us to get updates. We know you are waiting and we will pass on all communication from UKVI to you as soon as practically possible.

Though most of the visa applications are decided in the service standard time but complex applications or where the visa officer needs to make more inquiries, applications can be delayed. If you have used Premium Service for your visa application, majority applicants receive a decision on their visa applications by the end of next working day, after attending biometrics appointment. For current processing time, please refer to the relevant page of our website.

Unlike the UK entry entrance visa applications (visa applications where you attended a UK Visa Centre operated by VFS Global or TLSContact outside the UK), you are not required to submit the passport at any stage of the application. The only exception is where UKVI ask for it or staff at the Visa Centre keep your passport on the day of appointment. Also, there will be no visa sticker in the passport. For an approved UK Visa application to extend stay in the UK or switching visa applications (such as fiancé visa to spouse visa application), the visa approval email will be delivered at our email. The email will contain important information including the delivery of a BRP Card. The card is the evidence of your right to work and stay in the UK.

On receiving your BRP Card, you should check that all your personal details on the BRP Card are correct. If not, follow the instructions with the BRP Card to report the mistakes to UKVI as soon as possible.

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