How to Identify UK Job Offers- Genuine or not?

We receive very frequest inquiries about UK job offers, to check their validity and genunesses. Being a business, it is not possible for us to check each and evey job offer at the cost of time and money. Therefore, we have prepared this guidance so that candidates can follow the steps below and can understand that whether job offer is genuine or not.

  1. A minimum salary of £25,600 per year is required for a skilled worker visa. In some cases, less salary can be paid £20,480 where jobs are in Shortage Occupation List. You can check current salary rates on the UK Government website
  2. Check the list of skilled professions for which UK businesses can sponsor you. Check online if your job offer is in the approved list of jobs in Skilled Worker Visa. Read details.
  3. Check online on the UK Government website whether your employer company has a Sponsor Licence or not. Full list of UK approved licenced employer sponsors available on the Government of UK website by following the link. List of Approved UK Sponsors.
  4. Verify details of the company on the UK Companies House website to check company records including registration. You can verify company address, registration date, their accounts, names of directors. UK Companies House Website- Verify Details of  UK Companies .
  5. UK Licenced Sponsor should issue you a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). This is an electronic document (2-3 pages). Employees will use CoS to apply for a UK Visa. This document will have Sponsor Licence Number, Name of Company, job role, salary, start and end date of job. If your employer is not giving you a copy of CoS, this means they might not have a sponsor licence at all.

    Sponsor Licence Number is normally a combination of 9 Digit and Characters. Example 0GSK3ZRV5
    Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) Number is in general a combination of 11 Digits and Characters . Example N2F3K93692C
Types of Immigration ApplicationsSuccess RateYears
Spouse Visa Extension/ Switch Applications100%2006-2022
Fiance Visa Applications100%2006-2022
Fee Waiver Applications100%2006-2022
Parent Route/ Family & Private Life FLR100%2006-2022
Naturalisation (British Citizenship)100%2006-2022
Indefinite Leave to Remain100%2006-2022
Skilled Worker Visa100%2006-2022
Tier 2 General100%2006-2022
Sponsor Licence Tier 2 / Approved Employer100%2006-2022
EU Residence Card/ Settlement Scheme100%2006-2022
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  1. Genuine UK businesses who want to bring migrant workers in the UK, will never ask you for money for CoS. The only exception is that they already provided you with a copy of CoS and now their legal team is applying for a visa on your behalf.
  2. Searching for employer names using search engines like Google could also provide valuable information. You can get their contact details and directly contact them by email and phone to verify job offers. It’s better if one can send them a copy of all correspondence by email.  

    The above information is provided for guidance only.

    Please do not contact us to verify your job offer or related queries. We will follow the same process as above. We will not be able to verify job offers for you as we offer no such service. We are a business and charge fee for our services.
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