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UK Skilled Immigration: Work in the UK & acquire British Citizenship

The people across the world emigrate to other countries for various reasons. Skilled immigration is one of the main influencing factors which let people migrate across the world. Jobs in the UK are broadly divided into low skilled and high skilled jobs.

Prospects to settle and become British Citizen

Whilst the majority of low skilled jobs provide no prospects to settle or get citizenship of the United Kingdom. In contrast, high skilled migrant programmes provides opportunity to settle and acquire nationality on fulfillment of additional requirements such as Residence Requirements, Knowledge of the English, Life in the UK Test etc.

We can help

Making an immigration application is a big step, costs a lot resources including money, time and stress. Making a wrong or weak application can result in loss of 1000’s of Pounds in costs.

We offer full assessment of the immigration of the proposed application. The assessment will highlight the following aspects of the proposed application:

  • Potential Immigration & Visa Routes
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Weakness in the applications
  • How to make improvements
  • Costs of the application
  • Comparison of costs and processing time (if eligible to apply in more than category, maximum of 2)
  • Likelihood of approval or refusal
  • Our recommendations

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You can book Full Assessment Immigration Service online.

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