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List of documents and immigration advice before booking service

On booking our full application service, we will assign a designated caseworker who will be your point of contact throughout your immigration matter. Your caseworker will send you a personalized list of documents based on your personal circumstances. If we don’t have much information about your immigration matter, your caseworker may arrange an initial call to better understand your circumstances.

UK Visa Extension Application Pending with UK Home Office- How to Prove Right of Work to your Employer

Prove right of work while pending UK Visa Application with UKVI Employer may request for proof of right of work so that you can continue working. Employees may have Fear of Losing job. Under UK immigration, employing someone without right of work can have very serious consequences includuing 5 Years Imprisonment and Unlimited Fine or …

UK Visa Extension Application Pending with UK Home Office- How to Prove Right of Work to your Employer Read More »

UK Visa Passport Collection- Received email to collect passport

Collecting passport from UK Visa Application Centres- VFS Global or TLSContact Before travelling to the UK visa application centre (VAC), do not forget to check their opening hours. Passport should be collected from the same VAC where you originally submitted your passport and provided biometrics. Documents for Passport Collection from UK Visa Centre- VFS Global …

UK Visa Passport Collection- Received email to collect passport Read More »

Biometric residence permits (BRPs) Collection

Your Biometrics Residence Card (BRP) has been delivered at our address. Most of the time, BRP Cards are delivered directly at clients’ addresses. In cases where processing time took longer than usual, the Home Office does send BRP Cards at our office address, being the registered address of the legal representative. You should make arrangements for collection by courier. You can Book collection online using the following link or contact your local post office/ Royal Mail Office to arrange a collection.

Checklist to find best UK immigration solicitor firm or a good UK Visa Lawyer- Top 10 Rules

For any UK visa application, if you find it challenging to do the application yourself then only take help from a registered and professional UK visa firm. Following are the factors which should be taken into account when instructing an immigration adviser or a solicitor.

Getting ready for UK Fiance Visa, Spouse Visa, UK Spouse Visa Extension FLR

We always encourage our clients to start preparing the application as soon as possible. For entry clearance spouse visa and fiance visa applications, the current processing time at the time of writing is 24 weeks. In practice, it takes 6 months on an average. A disappointing decision such as a refusal visa application can delay the family members to join their partners in the UK. Also, it takes too much resources in terms of money (thousands of Pounds) and time. Also, making another visa application and waiting for the decision can take another 8 months or so. In total, a failed visa applicaiton can take between 14-16 months to get decsion on subsequent 2nd fresh visa application. Therefore, it is very important that applications are well prepared in the best possible way and well on time.

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