UK Visit Visa, Family Visit Visa, Tourist Visa, Business Visitor Visa, PLAB 2 Exam Visa

You may be intending to visit a county to celebrate special occasions, tourism, to see family or friends, to attend marriage, for professional examination such as PLAB, medical treatment, solicitor -Qualified Lawyer Transfer System (QLTS) or barrister examination, attending seminars or conferences or exploring business opportunities or going abroad for medical treatment,  we can help you for all these purposes to make a successful visa application.

UK visit visa applications are very weak in nature, the majority of the applications are refused due to numerous reasons. Despite that, 3.2 million UK visas were granted, figures from Home Office data for pre-pandemic period- year 2019. Some countries which have a higher tendency of people overstaying after arriving in the UK or making asylum cases have much lower chances of a successful visa application. UK visit visas have very high demand for many reasons including work, family, holidays, and transit. Thousands of visa applications are being made everyday. Also, these visa applications have much higher refusal rate compared to other UK visa categories ( such as family, work or citizenship applications) and have no right of appeal and administrative review. In view of the above, the risk of refusal for a UK visit visa is very high.

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ServiceDescriptionFixed Fees
Book Full Application Preparation & Submission Service

(Before booking service, we recommned to read all the information on this webpage and watch both videos. By booking the service, you understand the higher risk for UK visit visa applications refusal)
Comprehensive service. All work covered from start to the end. No VAT, no hidden charges. Allocated caseworker. The fees is for the first applicant. An additional dependant pays discounted additional fee when applying together with the main applicant.£500

Immigration Home Survey Report (the report) is not included in our fees. Our full application preparation service covered all the work except ‘The Immigration Home Survey Report’. Some people choose not to have Home Survey Report, though we recommend to have one in particular if UK sponsor is sharing property with family or friends or making an entry clearance application (visa application from outside UK to come to UK). Details of Home Survey Report.

  • UK Family Visit Visa 29 April 2022 Albania ZR Visas UK
  • UK Family Visit Visa from Bangladesh 31 Mar 2022 ZR Visas UK
  • UK Family Visit Visa from India 17 Jan 2022 ZR Visas UK

What advice and services we offer for visit visa application for all countries including UK visit visa applications?

  • Advice the list of the required documents for visit visa applications
  • Prepare your visa application for visit visa
  • Advice the immigration requirements and how they can be met
  • Submit visa application as your representative to the relevant embassy
  • Follow up visa application until decided by visa officer
  • Advice you until decision is reached on your visa application
  • Travel planning
  • Custom Regulations of the destination country- Initial information
  • Post-refusal options​

Visit Visa, Family Visit Visa, Tourist Visa

  • Family Visitor visa
  • Business Visitor Visa
  • Visa for Academics, Doctors (PLAB Test) and Dentists
  • Sports visa
  • Entertainer visa
  • Prospective Entrepreneur visa
  • Private Medical Treatment Visitor visa

What are the main requirements for UK visit visa and other countries around the world?

Though requirements vary with the variation of the purpose and the country you want to visit, but there are certain basic requirements which remains same irrespective of these factors. There requirement required to have sound financial position of the applicant, strong social and economic ties to their own country, able to meet the costs of the boarding and lodging including availability of sufficient accommodation in destination country. also called immigration home survey report for visas and immigration.

Key facts, processing times

Visa Validity6 Months (Can apply for up to 10 years)
Processing time outside UK8-10 Weeks (Current processing time impacted due to war)
Visa Fees£100 for 6 Months Visa
£376 for 2 Years Visa
£670 for 5 Years Visa
£837 for 10 Years
(Foreign currency charges will apply)
Priority Service- £2205-7 Working Day (May not available in all countries at all the times)

What is the list of required documents to make a successful visit visa application including UK visit visa, family visit visa?

Below is the general list for a visitor visa. One or more documents in the list may not be applicable to individuals depending on their personal circumstances. For country specific requirement of documents, please contact us for tailor made advice. Please do not rely on this list of documents to make a visa application as the list is for guidance only.

  • Passport
  • National Identification Card
  • Property Documents
  • Evidence of Source of Income (Employment/ Business)
  • Personal Bank Statement
  • Business Bank Statement
  • Purpose of Visit Evidence
  • Sponsor Letter/ Invitation Letter from family or Business
  • Accommodation/ Hotel Booking
  • Family in country of origin (Marriage Certificate, Child Birth Certificate)
  • Sponsor’s Residence Status Documents
  • Sponsor’s Financial Documents

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