Apply for British Citizenship after ILR on 5 years and 10 years Partner and Parent Visa Routes and Work related visa categories- Naturalisation Application

Become British Citizen by Naturalisation Application on the basis of family (Marriage to a British Citizen), work (Skilled Worker), Asylum

An Application to become a British Citizen on the basis of marriage visas, work visa and other UK immigration routes

Naturalisation is a process of getting citizenship of a country through residence. Just like a lot of other countries in the world, UK allows immigration to acquire British Citizenship after 12 months of getting permanent residence (ILR) in the UK. If you made your ILR application as a partner of a British Citizen, then a 12 months waiting period does not apply to you. You can apply for British Nationality without having to wait for 12 months. The UK law allows dual citizenship but the other country, normally country of your Birth or Nationality, may not allow to have nationality of an other country, often referred as Dual Citizenship. Therefore it is very important that you check this before making an application for Naturalisation in UK. India is an example of a country which does not allow dual citizenship. Naturalisation application can be made on the basis of family life such as being married to a British citizenship or in being in work category such as Tier 2 General or being an EU, EEA citizen living in UK with Settled Status.

10 Reasons to Consider Applying for British Citizenship immediately after obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK

Certainly! British Citizenship offers several compelling benefits that might sway your decision after obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). Let us highlight some of the advantages. Discover the Benefits of Applying for British Citizenship After Receiving ILR and the Consequences of Delaying Your Application.

  1. Immigration rules are no one’s friends: With the changing nature of border controls, the immigration rules can change at any time which may make you ineligible to become a British citizen in the future. Therefore, the earlier you acquire British Citizenship, the better it is for you to have a piece of mind for the rest of your life so far as UK immigration laws are concerned.
  2. Pass on British Citizenship to generations: As a British nationality holder, you can pass on British Citizenship to your children.
  3. Avoid Higher Nationality Application Fees in the future: By applying for the British citizenship, you are shielding yourself from higher Home Office fees for Nationality applications. In addition, avoiding higher fees for immigration solicitors which are surely to rise with the rest of cost of services.
  4. Hassle Free from Renewing BRP Card for ILR: Making an application to renew BRP card will save hassle, time and money for renewing BRP card for your ILR stauts ever. Such applications can take up to 6 months.
  5. Piece of mind- No further UK Immigration Applications ever : Becoming a British Citizen is a last step in your long journey of multiple immigration applications. On becoming British, you will never have to make another UK immigration application.
  6. Passport Power: A British passport is highly regarded globally. It grants you access to consular assistance and protection when abroad.
  7. Voting Rights: As a British citizen, you gain the right to vote in all UK elections. Your voice matters, and participating in the democratic process becomes a privilege.
  8. Access to Government Jobs: British citizenship opens doors to certain government jobs that are exclusively available to citizens. It broadens your career prospects and opportunities.
  9. Travel with Ease: With a British passport, you can travel freely to many countries without the need for visas. It simplifies international travel and provides a sense of security.
  10. Deeper Integration: British Citizenship represents a deeper integration into British society beyond mere residence. It signifies your commitment to the country and its values.

Applying for British Citizenship is a significant step. If you meet the eligibility criteria, it’s worth considering this next chapter in your journey.

British Nationality Applications Approvals for Our Clients- Success Stories – 100% Success Rate since 2006

See our past work for Full Application Service for the Naturalisation applications from the start of our business in 2006. View some of the the recent approved decisions of our clients.

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Key facts, processing times, Home Office Fee for British Citizenship

Home Office FeeAdult £1630 (£1500 Home Office Application Fee, £130 Ceremony Fee)
Child £1214 (An additional £130 may be required to cover the ceremony fee, should the child turn 18 during the application process)
Processing time4-6 Months
Last updated 2 July 2024
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The video discuss: Discover the Benefits of Obtaining British Citizenship After ILR and the Consequences of Postponing Your Application 10 Compelling Reasons Not to Delay Your British Citizenship Application Following ILR in the UK British Citizenship comes with a host of persuasive advantages that could influence your decision post-ILR. Here are some key benefits: Immigration Rules are Unpredictable: The ever-evolving immigration policies mean rules can shift unexpectedly, potentially disqualifying you from future British citizenship eligibility. Securing citizenship sooner rather than later ensures lifelong peace of mind concerning UK immigration laws. Heritage of Citizenship: Holding British nationality allows you to bestow British Citizenship upon your offspring, ensuring a legacy of belonging. Prevent Future Fee Increases: Applying for naturalisation now circumvents escalating Home Office fees for nationality applications, as well as potential increases in immigration solicitor costs. Eliminate BRP Renewal Hassles: Submitting a British Citizenship application eliminates the need for future BRP card renewals for ILR, saving you time, money, and effort. These processes can extend up to six months. Final Immigration Step: Achieving British Citizenship marks the culmination of numerous immigration applications. Once British, you’ll never need to apply for UK immigration again. Passport Prestige: The British passport is esteemed worldwide, offering consular support and protection internationally. Electoral Participation: British citizens enjoy full voting rights in all UK elections, allowing you to contribute to the democratic process. Exclusive Employment Opportunities: Citizenship grants access to specific government positions reserved for British nationals, enhancing your career options. Visa-Free Travel: A British passport affords you visa-free entry to numerous countries, facilitating smoother international travel and added security. Cultural Assimilation: British Citizenship symbolises a profound integration into British society, reflecting your dedication to the nation and its ethos.

Eligibility Requirements to apply for British Citizenship Application- UK Naturalisation

  • After 12 months of getting Indefinite Leave to Remain or Settled Status for EEA, EA Nationals in the UK, Naturalisation application can be made. Applicants who made their ILR application on the basis of marriage does not have to wait for 12 months to apply for Naturalisation to become British National.
  • Life in UK Test and Knowledge of English requirements apply. Though most of the applicant met these requirements when they applied for ILR, therefore they do not need to meet these requirements again.
  • Applicants should not have spend more than 90 days in last 12 months period and should be in the UK exactly 5 years ago on the day of the application.
  • The applicant should be good character. This means that they should not have criminal convictions. Exemptions also apply. Someone with criminal history should consult a registered immigration lawyer or registered immigration consultant registered with the OISC like us. We are OISC Registered Immigration to provide Naturalisation application advice (British Nationality).
  • Life in UK Test and Knowledge of English requirements does not apply to children under 18.

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