Family/ Partner Visa

All visas and visa extensions for family visas including Visit Visa, Fiance Visa, Sposue, Partner Visa, dependant children under 18, dependant children of EU Citizens, EU family permits.

Getting ready for UK Fiance Visa, Spouse Visa, UK Spouse Visa Extension FLR

We always encourage our clients to start preparing the application as soon as possible. For entry clearance spouse visa and fiance visa applications, the current processing time at the time of writing is 24 weeks. In practice, it takes 6 months on an average. A disappointing decision such as a refusal visa application can delay the family members to join their partners in the UK. Also, it takes too much resources in terms of money (thousands of Pounds) and time. Also, making another visa application and waiting for the decision can take another 8 months or so. In total, a failed visa applicaiton can take between 14-16 months to get decsion on subsequent 2nd fresh visa application. Therefore, it is very important that applications are well prepared in the best possible way and well on time.

Proof of Address for Fiance Visa and EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit Switching applications

While In the UK on temporary visas such as Fiance Visa or EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit, proof of evidence and evidence of living together is required as part of the application for Fiance Visa to Spouse Visa Switching or EU Family permit to EU Settlement Scheme Applications for pre-settlee status.

Keep My Passport Service UK Visas

Purpose of the ‘Keep my passport’ service As a standard practice, the original passport is taken by Visa Application Staff on the day of biometrics appointmemnt. ‘Keep my passport’ service allows the applicant to keep their passports while their application is being assessed by UK Visas and Immigration. Once UK Home Office has made the …

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UK Visa Application tracking

Checking progress of UK Visa Applications UK Visa Applications submitted inside UK There is no way to check the progress of visa application submitted which were submitted for applicants already in the UK. You might be able to contact the Home Office by phone but help provided is quite limited. In majority of the cases, …

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Bank Statements for UK Visas

As part of the UK visa applications, bank statements are required in most cases. A standard has been set for the documents including bank statements which are approved by the UK Home Office or UKVI. As part of documents, you do not need to send us paper statements or print them off. You can send us PDF bank statements downloaded using Mobile Banking App or Internent Banking.

UK spouse visa, partner visa, unmarried partner, civil partner dependant visa for European nationals, EU citizens

The service is equally suitable for UK spouse visa for European nationals EU citizens and non-EU citizens after. The law has changed after Brexit. The rights of family members of EU nationals are protected until 30 June 2021. After that, dependants of the EU should apply spouse visa or fiance visa or marriage visitor visa. Spouse Visa is a family immigration category which allow British Citizens, Settled Persons, person with Settled Status or pre-settled status to sponsor your partner so that they can join you in UK to start family life.

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