100 UK Visa Approvals for our clients

100 UK Visa Approvals for our clients- A history of success since Dec 2006

  • Fee Waiver Application Approval 12 Jan 2022 ZR Visas
  • UK Spouse Visa 21 Dec 2021 Algeria ZR Visas
  • Sponsor License Application 18 Jan 2022 CoS ZR Visas UK
  • Employer Sponsor Licence UK 28 Jan 2022 ZR Visas Home Office

We believe in the results we get for our clients. We put all our skills, experience, knowledge and competence to make the visa and immigration process successful. No one can influence the visa applications as the decisions are made by the immigration authorities like embassies or British High Commissions, the UK Home Office. The only way forward to get a visa or approved immigration application is by way of complying with the immigration rules and making sure that all requirements are met. There are circumstances when it is not possible to meet all the requirements. For example, there could be exceptional circumstances, medical reasons, Covid-19 impacted income etc. In those cases, we make sure that we represent your applications with plausible explanations and provide un-rebuttable evidence to prove that circumstances were not in your control and nothing could have been done to put things right.

In these visa, immigration and nationality applications, we have a 100 percent success rate. None of our applications on behalf of clients are ever refused up to the date of the writing for the following visa applications. We are committed to keep track of the past success and provide exceptional services to our clients for all their visa, immigration and nationality matters. 

Types of Immigration ApplicationsSuccess RateYears
Spouse Visa Extension/ Switch Applications100%2006-2022
Fiance Visa Applications100%2006-2022
Fee Waiver Applications100%2006-2022
Parent Route/ Family & Private Life FLR100%2006-2022
Naturalisation (British Citizenship)100%2006-2022
Indefinite Leave to Remain100%2006-2022
Skilled Worker Visa100%2006-2022
Tier 2 General100%2006-2022
Sponsor Licence Tier 2 / Approved Employer100%2006-2022
EU Residence Card/ Settlement Scheme100%2006-2022
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