Applying for Spouse Visa Extending spouse visa FLR Partner visa FLR

UK Spouse Visa Extension for partner, further leave to remain

Apply spouse visa extension FLR, UK Partner Visa Renewal

Spouse Visa is a family immigration category which allow British Citizens and Settled Persons to sponsor your partner so that they can join you in UK to start family life. You can use this service if you want to apply for visa outside UK or extending your visa inside UK (FLR spouse visa) after spending 2.5 years in the UK. Also applicable to the switching applications such as switching from Tier 4 student visa or switching from Tier 2 General to spouse visa.

Our Success Rate for UK spouse Visa: 100%

For Full Application Preparation service for partner visa (Entry clearance and FLR- extending stay in UK on the basis of marriage), we have 100% success rate in year 2020. In the last 15 years, the Home Office tuned down only one of our application for visa in this category.

Service Suitable for

  • Applying spouse visa from outside UK- called Entry Clearance
  • Extending stay in UK after spending 2.5 years in UK- called FLR Spouse Visa Renewal Application
  • Switching to the spouse visa from other visas. For example, switching application from Tier 2 General to spouse visa switch.

Our Fees to fully Prepare and Submit Application: £500 Fixed

Our fees to fully prepare an application, submit to the Home Office as your registered and regulated representative is £500. We do not charge VAT and there are no hidden charges at all as our fees are simple, fair and transparent. The fees includes all the work from very start to the end called Full Application Preparation & Submission service. This is our comprehensive service.

The work covered:

  • Comprehensive advice about all queries related to your visa application
  • List of documents for your immigration application
  • Full prepare and complete the application form
  • We will Pay visa fees and NHS Health Surcharge on your behalf. This is an express term that you agree to reimburse us.
  • Submit the application form and application as a registered immigration representative
  • Uploading all the documents or submit to the Home Office by post
  • Book Bio-metrics appointment to capture your fingerprints and photo at one of the visa application centre
  • Continuous advice from the day one until a decision is made by the embassy or Home Office so that you feel confident that we stand by you at every step.

Other help and support available for spouse visa extension application

  1. Find the most suitable immigration category for you or your partner to start living together, get married in UK, get permanent residence and apply for Naturalisation to become British Citizen.
  2. Compare the all options available to you
  3. Compare the cost of visa application in each visa
  4. Explain the requirements of each category
  5. Fully prepare your application and submit to British High Commission or Embassy
  6. Extend your stay in UK as a partner of a person settled in UK, called FLR Partner Visa
  7. Follow up your family immigration application until it is decided by the British Embassy, British High Commission or UK Home Office.
  8. Provide one-off advice (Visa Consultation Appointments) to answer your queries
  9. Visit your property and prepare a sufficient accommodation survey report, the immigration home survey report for spouse visa application.
  10. On completion of eligibility period, make Indefinite Leave to Remain Application for spouse on the basis of marriage to a British citizen or person with settled status in UK.
  11. On getting Permanent Residence in UK, we can make your application for British Nationality

Applying for spouse visa extension in UK, it is worth to read the frequently asked questions. The FAQs discuss UK spouse visa extension fees, checklist, list of required documents, UK spouse visa extension financial requirements, proof of address for spouse visa extension and spouse visa processing times. You can find information on why spouse visa application are refused and what to do if your spouse visa application for extension or entry clearance has been refused. Also, this section discussed the English language requirement and letters address to you and your partner for the last 2 years (also called proof of living together for spouse visa).