Spouse/ Partner Visa

Spouse, Partner or Unmarried Partner, Civil Partner or Fiance Visa?

If you like to sponsor partner and dependant children to join you in UK to live with you permanently or your spouse just want to visit you in UK, there are multiple options available depending on your circumstance:

Visit visa is a temporary short term solution if your partner only wants to visit you. Visit visa can not be extended normally and does not allow to live in UK for more than 6 months. For long term, one should consider visa categories which lead to permanent residence in the UK and in which visa can be extended from within the UK.

What are the rules for the spouse visa and other similar visa application types?

The visa rules are different in all above partner visa categories. They are applicable in different circumstances including intentions to stay together, visiting or intend to live together, married or unmarried partner or civil partner, duration of the ongoing relationship and status of any previous relationships. The applicants may need to provide a TB Test report if travelling or living in certain countries. National Health Surcharge (NHS) is another expense in partner visa application.

Which option is relevant, suitable and best for my partner?

You might ask yourself what is the difference between Marriage visa, Spouse Visa, Unmarried and Fiance Visa. Which option is the best option for you?  It is very important to plan the partner visa application well in advance and choose the most appropriate one. Each visa application costs a lot of money and making a wrong or weak application could result in the family being forced to live apart for a long duration. It could also cost 1000s of pounds in terms of money and can bring a lot of stress

How can we help you?

  1. Find the most suitable immigration category for you or your partner
  2. Compare the all options available to you
  3. Compare the cost of visa application in each visa
  4. Explain the requirements of each category
  5. Fully prepare your application and submit to British High Commission or Embassy
  6. Extend your stay in UK as a partner of a person settled in UK
  7. Follow up your application until it is decided by the immigration authorities
  8. Provide one-off advice to answer your queries
  9. Visit your property and prepare a sufficient accommodation survey report.
  10. On completion of eligibility period, make Indefinite Leave to Remain Application for spouse
  11. On getting Permanent Residence in UK, we can make your application for British Nationality

Contact us through a message or call us and we will be happy to guide you through the whole process from start to the end.

What service do you offer for the spouse visa application?

We offer Full Application Preparation Service for a fixed fee of £500. THe covers all the work on the application. You can book this service online below:

Visit Our Services to see the other services we offer for the spouse visa and their fees.

Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers for Spouse Visa

What is spouse visa?

Spouse visa is an immigration route to settle in the UK for a partner or spouse of a foreign country who wants to join their partner in the UK or any other country.

What are main requirements for spouse and partner visa?

  • You and your partner must be 18 years old or above.
  • Intends to live together permanently
  • Your partner must be either British Citizen or have Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK or have humanitarian or refugee status in United Kingdom
  • Your partner must prove that he or she can prove English Language Requirement or Knowledge of English
  • You can prove that your partner will be able to financially support you and any other dependants including children (if you have any)
  • Any previous relationships or marriages of both of sponsor and spouse are ended before making partner visa application.
  • Above requirements for spouse or partner visa are the main requirement and apply in general. There are some exceptions too.

How long is spouse visa valid for and what is the duration of spouse visa extension- FLR?

Spouse visa is valid for 30 months (2.5 years) visa. Same duration for spouse visa extension until they complete 5 years to qualify for permanent residence in the UK, commonly known as ILR or Indefinite Leave to Remain.

What is English Language Requirement for UK spouse visa?

This requirement is also referred to as Knowledge of English Language. Nationals of some countries are exempt from this requirement such as Australia, Canada, USA and few more. The applicant can meet this requirement in any of these ways:

  1. Pass an approved English Language Test at CEFR Level A1.
  2. Degree outside UK taught in English, normally Bachelor or Master Degree.
  3. For spouse visa extension application, normally you will need to pass test at CEFR Level 2

Why spouse visas get refused or rejected or what are the main reasons for refusal of spouse visa?

  • Income threshold is not met.
  • Appendix FM SE required particular documents in prescribed format. Information being not in the same format is one of the main reasons.
  • For knowledge of English, the Home Office only accepts approve tests. At the time of making an application, if English test provider is not in the current accepted list, spouse visa applications are normally refused.
  • Providing the full and correct information in the spouse visa application form is compulsory. Many of the civil parter or partner visa or FLR applications are refused where applicants did not provide full information.
  • Concealment, falsifying information are among other many factors which contribute to the refusals of spouse visa application.

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