How long you have been in business?

We are in this business since 2006. We have extesnive knoweldge and experience in the visas, immigration and nationality laws.

What is OISC and what is mean by “Regulated by OISC”?

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) is an independent body of Government of United Kingdom. OISC is responsible to regulated Immigration Advisers in the United Kingdom. Anyone who provides immigration advice in the United Kingdom should be either registered or exempt. Regulated by OISC means we are competent to provide immigration advice and services and we follow the code of conduct of the OISC.

Verify our Registration on the UK Government website. We are Regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC, Home Office, UK). Registration Number: F201100207.

Is it necessary to be registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner to give advice in the UK?

Yes, advisers should have been registered or exempt with the OISC. Without registration or exemption from the OISC, it is criminal offence to provide immigration advice or services and anyone doing so can be prosecuted. We are regulated by OISC since 2011. Immigration lawyers and solicitors are regulated by the Law Society.

What is a client Care Letter?

The client care is an agreement between us and the client. The letter contains the terms and conditions of the business, agreed fees, agreed work, deadlines and details of allocated caseworker. Read more.

Do you offer visa guarantee?

Although we provide immigration advise and services in best interest of our clients. But we are unable to offer guarantee that your application will be approved because all applications are dealt by the UK Visas and Immigration (formerly UK Border Agency UKBA) or Embassy or British High Commission under immigration rules. Further,  we can not influence the visa authorities. Anyone claiming to offer visa guarantee is not likely to be a genuine professional immigration adviser. Clients should always check their practice license and professional indemnity insurance in case something goes wrong with their visa application.

We as an experienced UK Visa firm make sure that we bring the life to your visa application, provide correct and detailed explanation in the application to make it less prone to refusal and more close to get a successful decision. Our team will make sure that you meet all the requirements. As a part of our full application service, we do full assessment of your immigration matter and will highlight any concerns and weak points. Your allocated caseworker will also advice you on making improvements to the application too. We assure you that your application will be legally represented in the best possible way in the given circumstances.

I believe that you have not not provided proper advice. Due to your neglect and incompetent advice, my application has been refused. What options I have?

If you are not happy with level of services you got from us, you can complaint us over the phone or through email. In case, you have been affected, you can compliant to us if you would like. Otherwise, you can complaint directly to the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). For further details, please refer our complaint procedure. We can confirm that we have professional indemnity insurance in place upto the value of £250,000 (Quarter of a million British Pounds) for worldwide immigration work taken in UK.

Can I get advice in any other langue other than English?

Yes, our advice services are multilingual. We are pleased to offer immigration advice in the following languages:


Can I get advice or initial consultation over the phone?

Yes, you can get advice over the phone. In order to facilitate our clients who are far and unable to attend office personally or who prefer to take advice over the phone, we are proud to offer this service. We can answer your questions over the phone which will follow a letter or email in 2 working days. The letter will confirm that what advice was given to you.

I am living abroad. How can I get immigration advice & services?

You can get all of our services over the phone, WhatsApp, email or through postal services. In order to discuss how we can help, please call us for further information.

What is my legal status while my application is pending with the Home Office and my leave to remain/visa has been expired?

If you have already applied to UKBA before expiry of your leave, you are considered to be legal inside the United Kingdom. You have the same right of work as you would have with a valid leave to remain in UK/visa until your application is decided.

Can you provide any documents or help me in getting any documents required for my application?

We advise our clients about documents they need in order to make their best application as per requirements of the UKBA or Embassy or British High Commission. In case, if clients do not have required documents, then we would advise to provide alternative documents accepted by the relevant embassy or the Home Office, UK. But in any case where client is unable to provide any documents, we would advise client that their applications may be refused if they failed to provide specific documents. We are unable to generate or create or provide any documents to clients and clients are responsible for the geniuses of all the documents they provide to us or UKBA or embassy or any other relevant immigration agency.

Can you arrange work permit for me?

In the UK, work permits can only be issued to national of EEA Nationals. They are issued by the Home Office, UK. Letter of Sponsorship (normally issued to the national of non-EEA countries called CoS) can only issued by the licensed sponsors or employers by using Sponsorship Management System. You should directly apply with the employer for the job role or vacancy in which you are interested. If successful, your prospective licensed employer would issue you a Letter of Sponsorship and then you would be able to apply to your nearest Visa Application Centre or embassy or consulate.

In case my application is refused, would you refund the fees I paid to you?

The majority of the applications are approved But we do not provide services on the basis of No Win No Fee. We charge fee for our services irrespective of the outcome of your application.

What information you hold about me and how you handle our personal information? Are you registered with Office of the Information Commissioner?

We collect your contact details and keep record of your application or advice given for 6 years as per requirement of the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). We may scan your documents in order to have convenience storage of your documents and shred the paper version of copy documents.

How you can help me with my visa application?

We provide you different immigration services as per your own preferences. You may opt any or combination of services from the following:

A- Immigration Consultation Appointment

You may like to get initial advise before making your mind regarding preparing and lodging your application. We offer this service at the nominal cost. ü One-off Advice Rather getting help throughout the application process, you may prefer to prepare your application by yourself and for complex queries or questions; you may like to select our one-off advice service to add our valuable advice before making your application. Client would book their appointment with the Home Office or relevant embassy, submit or post application and keep track of their applications by themselves.

B- Comprehensive Full Application Preparation Service

If you prefer our services form the start of your application to the end, do not want to be worry about accuracy of application, want to lodge your application on time, a lot of other things to do, then you would love to get our comprehensive application service. We will do every thing by ourselves and take care of every thing important for your application. You would provide required documents, pay the fees and leave every thing on us. We would keep you updated with progress of your application until decided. We would make appointment for client and submit or post their application with the Home Office and keep track of their applications.

C- Full Postal/Online Application Service

The clients who are living abroad can get immigration advice and services through our comprehensive online/postal application service. We prepare advice for you, prepare your application and send you electronically or through post to you. Clients just need to print and sign the application and submit at their nearest visa application centre or embassy. We would make appointment for client and clients submit or post their application with nearest Visa Application Centre. We would keep track of their application online (Depending upon the availability of online tracking facility).

I can not attend your office? How can you help me and what services can I get remotely?

We understand the importance of your time, therefore we offer in house or home visit visa and immigration services to our clients for a fixed additional fees. You can get all of our services at your doorstep. In house or home visit service is free for the clients who are unable to attend office due the disability (disable badge holders).

How I can pay for your services?

UK Clients You can pay through cash/cheque or online through your online banking. Currently, we do not accept payment through debit/credit card.

How international clients can make payment?

The clients who are living outside UK can pay through Western Union or Direct Bank Transfer or other online international money transfer services. Non-UK clients do not need to send application fee to us as they have to submit their visa application in their country of residence and deposit their fee with their application.

My question is not answered here, what can I do?

You can send your question through contact us page of our websit.

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