Apply for UK Fiance Visa to get married in UK, Fee, Requirements

Fiance Visa to Get married to a British Citizen or Settled Person with ILR, Settled Status, Pre-Settled Status in the United Kingdom

What is Fiance Visa for UK?

If you like to sponsor your partner to come to UK and get married in the UK then you should apply for Fiance visa. Your partner can continue to stay in UK after getting married but they must submit an application to switch from fiance visa to spouse visa on getting married and before expiry of fiance visa. The partner or spouse is a route leads to settlement and British citizenship. There are some other options available depending on your circumstance. Visit visa is a temporary short term solution to visit your partner and family for a maximum period of 6 months.

Our Success Rate

We have 100% success rate for Fiance visa applications including all applications made from inside UK and from outside UK commonly called Entry Clearance Applications.

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Our Services, Book Online

ServiceDescriptionFixed Fees
Book Full Application Preparation & Submission Service Our Comprehensive service, used by most of the clients. All work covered from start to the end (to the point of decision on the visa application). One fixed fee, no hidden charges or costs whatsoever. Allocated caseworker. The Fees is for the first applicant. An additional dependant pays discounted fee when applying together with the main applicant.

 Full advice about all queries related to visa application
 List of documents for your immigration application
 Fully prepare and complete the application form
 Pay visa fees and other applicable fees on your behalf – Of course you will reimburse us for any disbursements
 Submit the application form and application as registered immigration representative firm
 Upload all the documents or submit to the Home Office by post
 Book Bio-metrics appointment to capture your fingerprints and photo at one of the visa application centre
 Continuous advice from the day one until a decision is made by the embassy or Home OfficeMore details of our full application service.

Immigration Home Survey Report (the report) is not included in our fees. Our full application preparation service covered all the work except ‘The Immigration Home Survey Report’. Some people choose not to have Home Survey Report, though we recommend to have one in particular if UK sponsor is sharing property with family or friends or making an entry clearance application (visa application from outside UK to come to UK). Details of Home Survey Report.

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What are the immigration rules for the fiance visa?

The purpose of this visa is to get married in UK within 6 months of the visa duration. Home office expects that some arrangements are already made for the purposes of marriage in the UK. The applicants may need to provide a TB Test report if travelling or living in certain countries. National Health Surcharge (NHS) is not applicable to fiance visa but payable when switching to the spouse visa. NHS charges are payable when making application as a fiancé in the UK. The applicant need to prove that they have sufficient accommodation while they stay in the UK. Also, availability of funds and income documents are required as part of the application.

Key facts, processing times

Visa Validity6 Months
Processing time outside UK (Most applications get decision in 6 months +- 2 weeks. The time starting from the date of Biometrics Appointment). Some applications can take much longer.24 Weeks
Super Priority Service outside UK £573 (Not available in all countries at all the times)- Currently suspended6 Weeks

Home Office and Embassy: Costs of Fiance Visa Application

Spouse Visa/ Unmarried Civil Partner/ Switching to Spouse VisaOutside UK (GBP)
Home Office Application Fee1523
NHS Health SurchargeN/A
Biometric Fee/ UKVI FeeApplicable in EU Countries only €66.41
Biometric Appointment Fee 0-120
Total (without appointment fee)£1523*
*While making application from outside UK, the fee is paid in local currency. In that case, banks normally charge a currency conversion fee which is in addition to the Home Office Fee. Home Office also charge high rate for the fee when showing fee in local curreny or GBP, Euro or USD. For an application made on 15 Mar 2022, the actual cost was £1,663.82.
For Fiancé applications made from inside UK, NHS Health Surcharge will not need to be paid. NHS charges will also apply to switching application from fiancé to Spouse visa. If you have paid NHS fees twice, you might be able to claim a refund.

Application Form for Fiance Visa

The Application for VAF1A is used to make Fiance Visa application. The paper applications are normally not allowed, all applications for Fiance Visa to get married in the UK must be made online.

List of Required Documents

  • This is a general list. We provide list of documents as a part of Full Application Preparation Service for Fiance Visa.
    • Passport or Travel Document
    • Evidence of relationship
    • Proof of Income such as salary slips, letter from employer, tax returns
    • Documents to prove savings
    • Evidence for the arrangements of the marriage in the UK

Service suitability

The purpose of the Fiance visa is to apply for temporary short term visa with the intention to get married in the UK and switch to long term partner route Spouse Visa.

Other ways to Book Our Services

You can book service online by following the above links. Alternatively please provide us with your full name, full address, email address and contact number, we will book service for you-
By phone: UK +44 1782 977 899
By email:
WhatsApp/ Text Message Only: UK +447944132344

After Booking Service

Once we received your booking, we will start working on your immigration straight away. In the first instance, we will call you to know about circumstances to compile the list of documents you need for your application. We will send a detailed email containing the:

  • List of Required Documents
  • Required Information

On receiving above, we will check them and start preparing your application. If there is any information missing or documents are not in the correct format, we will contact you, advice you the alternative documents you can provide. Full support is provided. Once application is complete, we will send you copy of draft application for your approval. On getting your consent to submit the application, application will be submitted. Read more details.

Further Support

I am planning to get married and bring my partner in UK to start a family life. I do not know which route is best for me, from where to take a start?

Visa applications costs fortune and could be even more expensive if not well planned. If you intends to get married to your fiance in the future and bring her in the United Kingdom as your dependent, then we strongly suggest to get professional immigration advice. We will do the the full assessment of your circumstances to choose the best visa route, timing of the application and comparing the costs. This will save your valuable time and money. We refer this process a an assessment service. We prepare the report for a fixed fees- Book Level 3 Assess,ent Service..

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