English Language Requirement

Knowledge of English Requirement for Spouse Visa, ILR and Nationality Applications

It is requirement of certain immigration categories including spouse visa, Tier 2 Visa, Skilled Immigration for all countries and investment visas in some countries, that applicants should have certain level of English Language Skills in order to meet immigration rules. If you are applying in any one of those categories then we can help to:

  • Prepare Embassy Interview
  • English Language Test Preparation
  • English Speaking and Listening
  • Advise on English Language Requirements

What is English Language Requirement for UK spouse visa?

This requirement is also referred to as Knowledge of English Language. Nationals of some countries are exempt from this partner visa requirement such as Australia, Canada, USA and few more. The applicant can meet this requirement in any of these ways:

  1. Pass an approved English Language Test at CEFR Level A1. This level of English Test is valid only for visa applications made from outside UK, called spouse visa entry clearance, the first application as a partner of a British citizen or settled person.
  2. Degree outside UK taught in English, normally Bachelor or Master Degree.
  3. For spouse visa extension application, normally you will need to pass test at CEFR Level 2
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