Online Immigration Status EVisa for UK, after BRP Card Expiry on 31 Dec 2024

Replace BRP Card with UK EVisa

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) cards in the UK are set to expire by the end of 2024. The UK Home Office is introducing a new eVisa system for all UK visa holders. After the BRP card expiration date, you’ll need to replace it with an eVisa to demonstrate your immigration status. Importantly, the expiration of your BRP card does not impact your immigration status. However, starting in 2025, there will be changes in how you prove your immigration status.

An eVisa serves as an online record of your immigration status and the terms governing your entry or stay in the UK. To access your eVisa, you’ll need to create a UKVI account.

Transitioning from a physical document to an eVisa does not impact your immigration status or the conditions of your permission to enter or remain in the UK. In the future, you’ll be able to use your eVisa for travel to the UK, eliminating the need for a physical document—except for your current passport, which must be linked to your UKVI account. Until the end of 2024, if you possess a physical document, you should continue to carry it when traveling.

I have not received an email yet. Can I create my UKVI account and convert my BRP Card to EVisa? 

The transition from BRP to eVisa is invitation-only. If you haven’t received an email directly from the Home Office or your immigration solicitor, you may not be able to create your account or view your eVisa yet. The Home Office is following a step by step phased out approach, so if you haven’t received an invitation by the third week of December 2024, consider reaching out to UK Visas & Immigration

What do you need to do on receiving email?

Please take the following steps now:
1. Create a UKVI account to access your eVisa, which will replace your BRP.
2. To create your UKVI account at, you will need: your date of birth, your BRP number or your non British passport (if you do not have a BRP), access to an email address and phone number and access to a smartphone.

ZR Visas, UK submitted your last UK visa application as your legal representative

The Home Office guidance:
“If you are a legal representative or advisor and used your email address for client immigration applications, we will send you specific information later this year.”

Therefore, you are not required to take any action at the moment.

How can I get help and further support on this?

For more information about eVisas and to get help creating your UKVI account, visit:

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