Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)- Full Application Preparation


In this service we do all the work for you, from very start to the end. We take care of everything and let you get on with you life while we work professionally to get application. You can relax that your local and best in town immigration consultants are doing their best to get through the whole process smoothly. Read full details here to find out that what work we will do in this service.

Full Application Preparation and Submission to the Home Office. All work from the start to the end.

Work included in this service

>> Unlimited Support
>> Full After care even after submission of application
>> Take care of whole of your visa, immigration or nationality application.
>> Provide advice from very start until the application is decided by relevant embassy or the Home Office.
>> Provide you list of required documents
>> Fill the application forms.
>> Check the documents and the application form in full completed.
>> Highlight any weak points in your application and advise you that how you can improve them. Tell you about the merits and de-merits of the case and any reasons which could cause your application to refuse.
>> Send you copy of draft application form.
>> On getting confirmation of contents of the application form from you, submit your application as your representative to the relevant Embassy, British High Commission or the Home Office.
>> Pay your Embassy or Home Office or other applicable government fees on your behalf. The fees could include Application Fees, NHS Health Surcharge, Appointment Booking Fees, Biometric Enrolment Fees or other government fees. All these fees are government fees, not our fees. We only charge one fixed fees for our services.
>> We book your appointment for your biometric enrolment and send you confirmation.
>> We send your documents by Post to the Home Office, scan and upload to the online system.
>> You attend your biometric appointment to register your fingerprints and facial images.
>> We as your representative communicate with the Home Office and keep you updated with the progress of your application.
>> We follow the application until it is decided by the relevant visa or immigration authorities.
>> We will keep you updated at each and every step of the application and for any progress with the application.
>> Decision is made on your application and we close your file.

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