Making an immigration or legal application without proper and detailed research and planning might be a very expensive exercise and can cost a lot of money in the form of visa fees, medical reports, travel arrangement fees, hotel bookings, court fees, advocate fees and adviser fees.

Why Feasibility Reports are important to make an assessment of the application?

Immigration rules are complex and majority of applications refused on non fulfilment of basic requirements of one or more of them. It can also bring disappointment if application is refused and can waste valuable time. To overcome and avoid situations like this, we provide this service to prepare a detailed tailor made Feasibility Report.

What is included in the report?

The report covers all aspects of the eligibility for potential application. The report will minimise the chances to loose as it will advise whether you should proceed with the application or not.

The report also advise the pros and cons of making application in given circumstance and possible outcome. Further, we will advise whether application should be made or not. If not, what improvements can be made to minimise the risk of refusal.

Contact us if you need our assistance to prepare a Feasibility Report for your Visa and Immigration legal matter.

What is the fee for this service?

The fees for preapring the report starts from £90 and can go all the way upto to hundreds of pounds. For simpler vias and immigration cases, we normally charge £90-180. Most of the applicaitons are covered in this fees.

Level 1 Feasibility Report Fee £90
Level 2 Feasibility Report Fee £180
Level 3 Feasibility Rport Fee £270
Level 3 Feasibility Rport Fee From £360

For medium to complex matters, fees start from £270 and goes upward.
We provide no obligation quote for feasibility reports. Please send us your query with as much details possible and we will get back to you with the fixed fees quote.

How can I proceed with this service?

If you know which level of service you need, you can place an order online. If you do not know which level is most appropriate for your needs, please contact us for no obligation quote.

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