Proof of Address for Fiance Visa and EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit Switching applications

Evidence of living together for UK Spouse Visa, Unmarried Partner Visa, Fiance Visa

While In the UK on temporary visas such as Fiance Visa or EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit, proof of evidence and evidence of living together is required as part of the application for Fiance Visa to Spouse Visa Switching or EU Family permit to EU Settlement Scheme Applications for pre-settlee status. Though we do understand that this will be fairly difficult to get proof of address, below are some examples and scenarios which may help to get evidence of living together with the UK Sponsor.

Council Tax Bill- Your Sponsor may be able to ask council to add your name in the council tax bill as you are living together in the same property as of your Sponsor.

Bank account statement- All banks have their own different policies for account opening. It’s quite possible that you try with few banks and most of them may not your bank account on these visas. Some banks have better understanding of the immigration rules and they may open your bank account. You can apply for bank accounts online or in branch, depending on bank policies. Some banks only offer online servies and have no branches. A lot of our clients tried with few banks and had been successful at last.

Register with GP/ Dentist- You may get a welcome letter if you are lucky enough to register yourself with GP or Dental practice. You may have to pay for any medical treatment on these visas.

Mobile phone contract bill- Though costly mobile phone contracts may not be a good idea but you or your Sponsor can try to get a cheap mobile phone contract in your name. If contract did not work for you, you can even order free SIM cards at your address.

Other Examples-
Adding name on Utility Bill
Adding name on Tenancy Agreement
Adding a sub-contrat for mobile phone

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