Visa Services at ZR Visas, UK

We offer four levels of immigration and visa services ranging from consultation appointments to comprehensive service. Brief description of our services is given below. You can choose the service you need. If you are not sure, please contact us and we can recommend a suitable visa service for you. up

1. Full Application Preparation and Submission Service

Full work on the applicaiton from advice to application preparation, appointment booking, application submission and follow up until decision on the visa application. Read details of full application service.

2. Application and Documents Checking Service

Fully check the application form for errors and omissions, advice on how to make corrections. Also checking if correct and required documents are attached with the applicaiton. If any documents are not available or not in the correct format, advice about the alternative evidence or how to improve the evidence to support the application.

3. Visa Counsulation Appointments

Suitable to get answers to any specific quetions or if you like to know about any particualr visa or immigration cateogry you are thinking to make or discuss briefly a visa matter. Read full details of UK Visa Consultation Appointment with an Immigration Adviser.

4. UK Visa Assessment Service

Suitable where you do not know which visa or immigration cateogory to choose and where high costs are involved. You intend to make an applicaiton but you are not sure that application is lilely to be successful or not, to know about the merits and demerits of the case. Read full details of visa assessment service.

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