Private Medical Treatment

The circumstances might comes to a point where someone in the family or friends need specialised medical treatment not currently available in the country of their residence. If that is the case with you or your family & friends and you want to travel abroad for the purposes of medical treatment then you are at the right place to get guidance for visa services you require for the purpose.

Though we do not have any control or influence over the outcome of the visa application but if your case require Urgent Medical Treatment then we can make a request to the Visa Officials to decide the application on urgency basis. There is no guarantee that such request will be entertained by the relevant embassy or visa office.

We can not only help in the visa process but also can help in finding the specialist through research. Below are the services we offer in type of visa:

  • Advice in Preparing Visa Application
  • Preparing Visa Application
  • Application Checking Service
  • Full Application Preparation & Submission Service
  • Representing your visa application on papers
  • Representation your application in person (if relevant embassy allows representation)
  • Follow up of visa application
  • Finding Specialist in the destination country
  • Communicating with Specialist Hospital Oversea on your behalf
  • ​Any other related services agreed in advance

We offer full application service for a fixed fee of £300.

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