Terms and Conditions of the Business & Privacy Policy

Terms and Condition

By placing an order online, you confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions of our business.

You are responsible for the authenticity of information and documents provided by you. We being immigration adviser, do not have any control on the outcome of the visa application.

Once we start working on your matter and more information is available, we will be able to advise as to the likelihood of the outcome of the application (if we are preparing your application) in view of the available information, documentary evidence available to me and also considering your personal circumstances.

You agree that you will provide proof of identification and proof of address.

What is not included in the fees:
The fees does not include embassy fees, government fees, visa fees, immigration fees, fees charged by appointment providers for their services, fees for add on services provided by appointment services, cost of any correspondence via special delivery and correspondence outside the UK. 

Continuation & Termination of your instructions

Your continuing instructions will amount to your acceptance of the terms as set out in this letter.  I confirm that you have signed and dated the terms and conditions of business confirming that you agree and fully understand to be bound by them.

You may decide to terminate your instructions to me at any time but you must do so in writing (by letter/ email). For any outstanding fees not paid within 2 weeks, we will have no option except to pursue through court or other civil remedies as per law. If you have already paid your fee in advance, we will refund your fees after deducting fees for work which has already been carried out and will also issue a final invoice as part of the standard business process.

If we feel that we can no longer carry out the work on your behalf for any reason (i.e. for conflict of interest), we may decide to stop acting for you and will provide you with reasonable notice, not less than two weeks . For any dispute which may arise between you and us, only UK courts have the jurisdiction.

If either of us decide to terminate the instructions for any reason, I will forward an abortive bill for the work that has been carried out @ £90/Hour. Should you not pay our bill within 2 weeks of the termination of instructions, you will be liable to a fine of £100 for late payment. In case of legal proceedings for recovery of outstanding fees and costs, you will be responsible to pay all expenses incurred to recover the fees. Costs may (but not limited to) include solicitor fees, court charges, loss of time, loss of business and any other associated costs.

Agreement to the Terms & Conditions of Business 

This page and all communication prior to taking the matter makes the terms and conditions of business.  By continuing to place an order online, you confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions, you have read, agreed and fully understood to be bound by them. The OISC (regulatory body) may examine your file at any time.

Privacy Policy

As part of our commitment to complying with the OISC code of standards, the Immigration Corporates has published a confidentiality statement and we are registered with The Office of Information Commissioner, UK. We understand that our clients expect from us to honour the confidentiality of all practices, procedures and information learned during the normal course of business with our clients.

We fully expect to be held to those expectations and all the information is handled responsibly. We go one step further.We will keep the affairs of our clients and all information relating to our clients confidential, except where we are compelled to disclose information by reason of a clear legal or regulatory obligation. We will ensure that information is accessible only to those authorised to have access. Some types of communication between the client and an adviser will not be discussed or divulged to third parties.We will made arrangements for the secure storage of client information. We will also take into account privacy and the physical environment such as private space in which we are taking instructions from client. We will designate space for private interviews.

Any breach of the principles of confidentiality by any employee or adviser will lead to disciplinary action. There are, however, exceptions to this principle, such as, Divulging information to relevant government authorities (such as police, court) when investigating a criminal matter in connection with a court order, Giving the Commissioner information that is necessary for the discharge of her functions, Giving the Immigration Services Tribunal information which is necessary for the discharge of its functions.

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