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Visas and Immigration Consultation Appointments with a Specialist to discuss your immigration matter

As it appears from its name, the service is one-off advice session. You can get answer to the questions you may have about your immigration status or visa status. You can discuss your visa, immigration or nationality case with competent, regulated, authorised and experienced immigration adviser. The consultation appointments are also used to get answer to your questions by email or in writing by post. If you have list of questions to ask, please send us your queries by email at or (or complete an online form below) for a fixed fee to get written advice on them. Consultation appointments are one-off appointments and one session only. On completion of agreed work, our regulatory body OISC requires us to close the file. Therefore, for consultation appointment, file is closed on the same day of appointment. All our advice is protected by professional indemnity insurance up to £250,000 (quarter of a million British pounds).

Online & Contact-less Appointments

You do not have to attend office to get professional oral and written advice. More than 95% of our clients never see us face to face and they always get professional advice, read our views. All our oral advice is followed by written advice through post or email. We provide advice by email, over the phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Online Chat on our website and by post.

Our fees: Fixed, No VAT, No hidden costs

The fees for initial consultation is £30 for each 20 Minutes one-off appointment. Our fees is fixed for this service. If you immigration matter is complex and where detailed advice is required, we recommend using the Feasibility Reports. Our fees are simple and fixed. We do not charge VAT. There are no hidden or other charges whatsoever. We do work for a fixed fees and you only pay government fees.

If you immigration matter is complex and where detailed advice is required, we recommend using the Feasibility Reports.

Work covered in Consultation appointment

>> Discuss anything about your immigration matter
>> Ask question related to your application and get reply
>> All oral advice followed by written advice by email
>> Ask to check documents for their suitability in a particular case

>> Time in doing research, writing advice prior or after consultation is also counted towards your appointment time.

Modes of the service

We also offer contact-less and remote online appointments. The service is provided by:

>> Email
>> Over the phone
>> In Person (suspended until further notice due to Covid-19)
>> WhatsApp Call
>> Conference Call
>> Video Call
>> Combination of above

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20 Minutes AppointmentSuitable for simple matters. Initial Consultation or discuss simple cases.
40 Minutes AppointmentSuitable for Medium-level complex matters. To discuss overall immigration case initially and ask questions about eligibility and documents.
60 Minutes AppointmentSuitable to discuss an application or complex immigration matter in details. Also suitable to discuss list of documents.

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