UK Visa Application tracking

Checking progress of UK Visa Applications

UK Visa Applications submitted inside UK

There is no way to check the progress of visa application submitted which were submitted for applicants already in the UK. You might be able to contact the Home Office by phone but help provided is quite limited. In majority of the cases, their customer service will have access to limited details. Our clients who contacted Home Office in the past to check progress of their application were advised that there applications are pending and they are unable to provide specific timeline when Applications will be decided.

Visa Applications for Applicants outside UK

Depending on the country where you provided your biometrics, you may be able to track the application. UK Visa Applications are normally processed through VFS Global or TLSContact.

Though Applications in most countries can be tracked using TLSContact app (can be downloaded from Google Play, App Store). 

For VFS Global, you might be able to use their website to track your application. This facility is not available in all countries. 

How Home Office inform applicant when passport is ready to collect

From practical point of visa, there is no benefit of keep tracking all the time. Soon a decision is made and passport or documents are reafy to colect, we will receive email. We do check emails in real time during office hours. Any such communication is forwarded to your email as soon as possible.
Paid service is available to send an email to the Home Office. Our clients shared their experience with us. Almost all paid inquiries are answered. Though it’s OK to contact occasionally to contact them but we do not recommend to make frequent contact with the Home Office, just to know about the progress of the application. Queries cost £2.74 and there is no additional cost for follow-up emails about the same enquiry.

Is it worth making a contact

We understand that waiting for Visa outcome is not easy. One-off contact may be ok. In our experience, making frequent contact with the Home Office may adversely affect the progress of the application and in some cases, cause further delays.

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