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We always encourage our clients to start preparing the application as soon as possible. For entry clearance spouse visa and fiance visa applications, the current processing time at the time of writing is 24 weeks. In practice, it takes 6 months on an average. A disappointing decision such as a refusal visa application can delay the family members to join their partners in the UK. Also, it takes too much resources in terms of money (thousands of Pounds) and time. Also, making another visa application and waiting for the decision can take another 8 months or so. In total, a failed visa applicaiton can take between 14-16 months to get decsion on subsequent 2nd fresh visa application. Therefore, it is very important that applications are well prepared in the best possible way and well on time.

UK Visa Approvals for our clients from 60+ countries

Unlocking the Key to Success: UK Visa Approvals for Our Exceptional Clients – A Remarkable Journey of Triumph Since 2006! Thank you for considering booking services with ZR Visas, UK. While we cannot guarantee visa approvals or make promises about future applications, we are proud to showcase our extensive track record of successful outcomes in …

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