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UK Visas

The UK immigration rules welcomes the investors in the United Kingdom. The UK Investors can invest in any business (except property), bring family in UK and can apply for permanent residence (PR) and British nationality after completion of 2-5 years. This is one of the very exceptional category which provides a fast track PR. The higher the amount of investment in the United Kingdom, the sooner PR can be applied. ​

UK Skilled immigration

The people across world emigrate to other countries for various reasons. Skilled immigration is one of the main influencing factor which let them migrate across the world. Skills are divided into main categories:

Tier 2 General- FLR, Switching

Tier 2 General Visa Application Further Leave to Remain, Dependants Application, Switching into Tier 2 General from Tier 4 and other visa categories. We are experianced in dealing with Tier 2 Applicaitons.

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