Application ready to submit

Application ready to submit- payment on account for Visa fees

We are legally  representing your visa application, therefore we will make Visa fees payment(s) to the Home Office on your behalf. This will streamline the process as everything including fee, application and documents will be send by us to the Home Office as your legal representative.

Fees For Spouse Visa Entry Clearance Application

The official government fees for the visa application are given below including approximate currency rates and foreign currency charges.The fees includes Home Office Visa Fees and Immigration Health Surcharge where relevant. For entry clearance applications (where the applicant is outside the UK), the Home Office takes payments in Euros, USD or local currency. We can not choose the currency of our choice, the Home Office system will automatically select the local currency. As we will be using a UK GBP Bank Account to make payment, therefore the bank will add foreign currency charges. This is standard banking practice for international payments.

Application TypeApproximate Total FeesPayment on Account RequiredFee Breakdown
1Spouse Visa Entry Clearance£36003550Read details
2Spouse Visa Switching/ Visa Extension£2593£2593Read details
3Parent Route Visa Extension£2593£2593Read details
4Fiance Visa Entry Clearance£1600£1550Read details
5Visit Visa (6 Months)£100£95Read details

What happen when we make payment to the UK Home Office

After submitting an application, the exact amount appears in the bank account in a few days.  We will let you know the remaining balance, for you to reimburse us. We will also send you screenshots of payment for the bank transactions, they also have reference numbers.

You agree to reimburse the payment within 1 working day of application submission. We reserve the right to withdraw your application, should you fail to make payment on time. We will contact you before doing this.

If we owe you money, we will refund you in 1 working day.

How to make payment to us

  1. Payment should be made in our RBS business bank account ending 298. This is the same account you used to make payment for our services. Please check your order email for bank account details. Please contact us if you want us to resend you our bank account details.

Account Type: Business
Account Title: ZR Visas
Bank: RBS- Royal Bank of Scotland
Sort Code: XX-04-25
Account No: XXXXXX298
Payment Reason: Paying for Services
Payment Reference: Your Order Number (5-6 Digit number)

  1. Please use your order number as a payment reference.

Once we receive your payment

Please let us know when you make payment. On receiving a clear payment, we will finally re-check your application one last time and submit the application within 3 days.

Payment Receipts

On making payment to the Home Office, we will forward you all payment receipts. Receipts are typically system generated emails from the UK Home Office, also have application and payment reference numbers.

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