Canadian Skilled Immigration

A country proud to be a multicultural and full of immigrants often referred as ‘Home to Immigrants’ attracts a lot of visitor, skilled worker, business visitors, students, scientists, engineers and professionals around the globe.

Canada runs two parallel immigration systems known as Cubic and Federal. Skilled workers can apply for immigration to Canada in any one of the available routes. Their immigration system is points based system and points are awarded for age, qualifications, relevant experience, English and French language skills level. One of the main benefit of the Canadian immigration is that extended family members can also immigrate to Canada to live with the main applicant.

Students in Canada after completion of their degree have the option to work and settle there. The settlement leads to the Nationality of Canada in due course.

We can make an assessment of your proposed immigration application as a skilled worker and can provide you a detail feasibility report which will have recommendations to make a successful visa application

Skilled Immigration

Canada attracts and welcome people from all around the world. The skilled immigration makes the most numbers in all immigration categories available in the country. Express Entry is one the fastest route to get Permanent Residence of Canada, juts in 6 months.

Where other routes are available to the skilled workers, Canada has also introduced the Express Entry route for Canadian immigrants. The applicants have to achieve at least 67 points out of total 100 points to be eligible for the express entry. The successful applicants are granted Permanent Residence in Canada straight away. Of course, this immigration route allows for the partner and children to join the main applicant at the same time. An application typically takes 6 months to be processed.

The points are awarded on the basis of following factors:

  • Educational qualifications
  • Proficiency in English- the first language
  • Proficiency in French- the second language
  • Age
  • Job Offer
  • Work experience relevant to the educational qualifications
  • Adaptability- points for spouse’s English language, Job offer
  • Sponsor by a relative already settled in Canada
  • Education in Canada

Should you wish to apply for Canadian Express Entry scheme, please contact us for the assessment of your eligibility. We can prepare and submit your application on your behalf as your immigration adviser and follow it through until the application is decided.

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