UK Naturalisation Requirements

Naturalisation is a process of getting citizenship of a country through residence. Just like a lot of other countries in the world, UK allows immigration to acquire British Citizenship. UK law allows dual citizenship but the other country, normally country of your Birth, may not allow to have nationality of an other country. Therefore it is very important that you check this before making an application for Naturalisation in UK. India is an example of a country which does not allow dual citizenship.

After 12 months of getting Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK, Naturalisation application can be made.

Life in UK Test and Knowledge of English requirements apply. Though most of the applicant met these requirements when they applied for ILR, therefore they do not need to meet these requirements again.

Applicants should not have spend more than 90 days in last 12 months period.

Though majority of applications are made online, but option to send application is still available. Form AN is used to make postal application for Naturalisation. Postal Applications take much longer longer than online applications.

Many people ask about impact of convictions and points on driving licence- penalty points, parking tickets on their Nationality applications.

The answer is not simple. A minimum time has to lapse since the conviction and its stays on record for certain time. Once the stipulated time is passed, convictions should not be a ground of refual of naturalisation application, exceptions though apply to the rule.

It is worth taking professional advice before making application in these circumstances. A refused application can cost thousands of pounds and also very costly in term of time.

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