Turkey & Pakistan Dual Nationality

Turkey Pakistan Passport Dual Nationality

We are hearing a lot about Turkey and Pakistan talking about signing an agreement to allow dual citizenship for their nationals. At most of the palaces including social media, proposal has been misinterpreted. We though to share our thoughts with you and answer some of the questions which many people are asking and explain some basic nationality concepts.

What is Dual nationality?

When a natural person is allowed to acquire the nationality of another country, without losing their current nationality. Not all countries allow dual nationality and Turkey is one of them.

How Nationality of a country is acquired?

There are different ways and routes to get nationality of a country. 

  • By birth

What is Nationality by birth?

A child is normally considered a citizen of the country where they are born and their nationality related to the nationality of their parents. It is not always true as not all countries allow Nationality by birth. For example, if a child is born while their mother was visiting another country like UK, child will not be national of UK just because of being born in UK. 

What are examples of citizenship by birth?  Which countries allow nationality by birth?

A child born in the USA will be a US citizen irrespective of the immigraiton status of parents but the nationality of a child born in the UK will depend on the immigration status of their parents and year of birth. 

How someone can naturalise to get second nationality?

Naturalization is a process by which natural persons acquired the nationality of a country, after fulfilling certain requirements. The requirements may include:

  • Lived in the country for a certain number of years
  • Learning national Language

So what is Turkey & Pakistan dual nationality proposal?

As mentioned earlier, Turkey currently does not allow dual nationality. In order to allow dual nationality, both countries could enter into a treaty (an agreement between the two countries is called treaty). Also, they need to change their national laws to reflect the agreement at national level. Just like, in order to implement The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in UK, UK incorporated the Human Rights Act 1998.

Can I get Turkish nationality if Pakistan and Turkey sign treaty to allow dual citizenship?

It is highly likely that there will be no automatic right to acquire or get Turkish nationality for Pakistani citizens and vice versa. At first, one has to live and settle in Turkey and get naturalised in their own right. At that stage, they will be able to retain both nationalities and will be treated as a Dual National. 

I have read “Pakistani nationals will become Turkish nationality soon both countries sign treaty? 

This is not true. 

With which countries Pakistan has dual nationality agreements in place?

Pakistani passport holders can acquire a second nationality of following nineteen (19) countries  without losing their current nationality.

UK, USA, France, Italy, Belgium, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Finland, Jordan, Syria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Bahrain and Denmark. 

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