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Swap European Biometric Resident Card for EU Settlement Scheme Biometric Resident Card

Replace EU Family Biometric Resident Card to EU Settlement Scheme Biometric Resident Card


Update and BRC for EU Citizens and Dependants. Update, replace or transfer to a Biometric Residence Permit. You should take Card with you when you travel abroad as immigration authorities will ask for it to give you permission in the UK. Swap your card for EU Settlement Scheme Card. If you have Pre-settled status then you can only use this service to upgrade your BRC issued under the EEA regulations to a BRC issued under the EU Settlement Scheme or to replace your existing pre-settled status BRC. To use this service you must have been granted EU Settlement Status.

Our Success Rate

From 2006 to the date (15 years), we have 100% success rate in many immigration applications including BRC replacement, EU Settlement Scheme, Spouse Visa Extension Applications, Skilled Worker Visa Applications. None of our application for these visa in the UK ever refused. This includes all applications on the basis of marriage to a British Citizen (Spouse visa route) and work route such as Skilled Worker Visa, Tier 2 General. Read more success.

Types of Immigration ApplicationsSuccess RateYears
Spouse Visa Extension/ Switch Applications100%2006-2021
Fiance Visa Applications100%2006-2021
Fee Waiver Applications100%2006-2021
Naturalisation (British Citizenship)100%2006-2021
Indefinite Leave to Remain100%2006-2021
Skilled Worker Visa100%2006-2021
Tier 2 General100%2006-2021
Sponsor Licence Tier 2 / Approved Employer100%2006-2021
EU Residence Card/ Settlement Scheme100%2006-2021
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Our Services- Book Online

ServiceDescriptionFixed Fees
FREE Initial ConsultationKnow your options for most suitable visa option- Application Procedure- Cost- Discuss your matter briefly.FREE
Book Full Application Preparation & Submission Service Comprehensive service. All work covered from start to the end. One Fixed Fee, No VAT, No Hidden Charges. Allocated caseworker. The Fees is for the first applicant. An additional dependant pays only £100 if applying at same time.£200
Book Application & Documents Checking ServiceApplication and documents checking service to check errors and omissions. One-off session. £180
Book 20 Minutes Consultation AppointmentAsk questions about immigration and visa applications.£30

Eligibility Requirements

You should have EU Family Biometric Resident Card and a settled or pre-settled status under EU Settlement Scheme, to make an application.

Home Office, Embassy and NHS Health Surcharge Fees: Costs of Visa Application

Some people do not have to pay Home Office, they get card free of cost. Rest pays EU Standard service : pay 75.20 GBP, most people get a decision within 8 weeks of submitting their on-line application. The amount you pay for each service option includes the 19.20 GBP biometrics enrolment fee for each applicable person on this application.

EU Settlement Scheme Biometric Resident CardFees (£)
Home Office Application Fee56
NHS Health Surcharge
Biometric Fee19.20
Biometric Appointment Fee 0-120
Total (without appointment fee)£75.20

Key facts, Processing times

Visa Validity (Months)
Processing Time in UK (Weeks)8-12 Weeks
Super Priority Service in UK £8001 Working Day (Not available)

List of Documents

A general list of documents for this visa for guidance only. Required documents will vary from person to person due to individual circumstance. If you want a specific list of documents, book full service below and on taking your immigration matter, we will send you personalised list of documents.

Proof of Identification, EU Settled Status- Passport, Biometric Resident Card- BRC, Proof of Address, EU Settlement Status Document. Any passport you have held since you have been granted settlement, including expired passports, Original document showing grant of settlement, such as a vignette, passport, or RON 60 letter.

Proof of address- your UK driving licence, a council tax statement, a utility bill, a bank statement or a letter from a GP containing your full name and address

EU Settlement Scheme identity document number- This is the number of the identity document you used in your application. This must be either your passport, European identity card number or Biometric Residence Card number. EU Settlement Scheme unique application number (UAN) This must be the UAN for your EU Settlement Scheme application. This can be found on your decision letter, which you received by email. The UAN will be in the format: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

Service suitability

This service is for to update and BRC for EU Citizens and Dependants if you have been granted EU Settled status or EU Pre-settled status.

Service we offer

We offer four levels of immigration advice services. You can book the service online, email or phone. Once booked, we will take care of everything for you. The services includes

1) Full Application Preparation Service- Cover All Work including preparation, submission, list of documents, full ongoing support
2) Application Checking Service- For checking for errors and omissions
3) Immigration Consultation Appointments- Ask questions, know your options
4) Free Initial Consultation- Knowing your options

Book Online

ServiceDescription of ServiceFixed Fees
Book Full Application Preparation & Submission Service Comprehensive service. All work covered from start to the end. Fixed Fee, No VAT, No Hidden Charges. Allocated caseworker. The Fees is for the first applicant. An additional dependant pays only £100 when applying together.
 Full advice about all queries related to visa application
 List of documents for your immigration application
 Full prepare and complete the application form
 Pay visa fees and other applicable fees on your behalf – Of course you will reimburse us for any disbursements
 Submit the application form and application as registered immigration representative
 Upload all the documents or submit to the Home Office by post
 Book Bio-metrics appointment to capture your fingerprints and photo at one of the visa application centre
 Continuous advice from the day one until a decision is made by the embassy or Home Office
Book Application & Documents Checking ServiceApplication and documents checking service.
 Checking your application form
 Also check all the documents
 Mark all mistakes, errors and omissions in the application
 Highlight missing documents
Book 20 Minutes Consultation Appointment Ask questions about immigration and visa applications.£30
Book Free Initial Consultation Discuss you matter briefly. Know your options and finding most suitable visa option. Knowing procedure and cost.FREE

Other ways to Book

You can book service online by following the above links. Alternatively please provide us with your full name, full address, email address and contact number, we will book service-

By phone: UK +44 1782 977 899, +447944132344
By email:
WhatsApp/ Text Message: UK +447944132344

After Booking Service: Next Step

Once we received your booking, we will start working on your immigration straight away. In the first instance, we will call you to know about circumstances to compile the list of documents you need for your application. We will send a detailed email containing the:

  • List of Required Documents
  • Required Information

On receiving above, we will check them and start preparing your application. If there is any information missing or documents are not in the correct format, we will contact you, advice you the alternative documents you can provide. Full support is provided. Once application is complete, we will send you copy of draft application for your approval. On getting your consent to submit the application, application will be submitted. Read more details.

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