Post Study Visa

Post Study Visa- The graduate route- 2 Years work visa in UK

After years of wait, the UK Post Study visa is back with the new name ‘Graduate Route’. After completing degree in UK, students can live and work in UK for 2 years. Further, while on this visa, there are handful of immigration categories to switch to, to settle in the United Kingdom permanently and naturalise as a British National.


Students who get enrol from September 2020 into a UK university and complete their degree will be eligible to apply for this visa

Plan ahead

Plan ahead if you would like to take the benefit of this immigration category. We can help to get admission into any UK university for a fixed fee. Besides preparing and submitting your visa applications including making an application for Post Study Work, we can also plan the route for you to settle in UK and become British Citizenship.

Services we offer

We offer four levels of visa services for a fixed fees of £500. Full Application Application Service is our comprehensive service which covers all the work. We offer other services including consultation appointments, feasibility reports (Planning ahead to settle in UK o choosing the correct visa category) and application & documents checking service.

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