Our Free Services


We hold online sessions and office based sittings including workshops which are free to attend. You will be able to ask questions and raise queries. Follow our Facebook and Twitter page for latest update on Free session.

The purpose of such sessions to answer simple questions and public awareness about Fraud in Immigration business by unregulated Agents and Consultants. Such sessions provide valuable information to avoid being caught up in such fraudulent situations from bogus agents. It may not be possible to answer all queries. Any advice may not apply to your personal circumstances. Therefore taking an action on such advise is not recommended. We do not accept any liability for acting on advice in such sessions and for any consequential loss.  For detailed and tailor made advice, use our paid services.


As part of the business, we are committed to provide legal services to the needy and poor people of the society. Though a limited number of people can be accommodated on weekly basis but we want to keep our share of continued support to those who can not afford to pay for the services. We are covering Sadiqabad, District Rahim Yar Khan and Khan Pur, Pakistan.

The support is limited to the urgent matters such as:

  • Police Arrest/ Detention
  • Pre- Arrest Bail Application
  • Post- Arrest Bail Application
  • Habeas Corpus petitions

Preference is given to the vulnerable and disable people.

This service being an unpaid and free service can not be claim as a right. The firm has the sole discretion to refuse to offer such services. Should we not be in the position to help, we might be able to signpost to the correct level of other people who are providing services you require. We make referrals in good faith and without any consideration. Therefore, we are not responsible for the quality of the advice of any third parties, hence you should use your own independent judgement to make an agreement with them. Please do not hesitate to pass on our contact details or friends or family who can afford to pay for above matters.

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