NHS Health Surcharge, future, fee increase and NHS workers

Would you like to stay up to date with the latest development in UK NHS health surcharge updates and news then you are at the right place.

This is a normal practice of the UK Home Office to increase visa, immigration and nationality fees almost every year in October and certainly in April.

NHS Health Surcharge increasing upto £624 from Oct 2020

Home Office is increasing NHS Health Surcharge for Non EEA nationals applying for temporary leave to remain from Oct 2020. The increase will be between £470 to £624 per year for adults applications. If your visa extension is due soon, consider applying bit early to save hundreds of pounds. Consult Regulated Immigration Advisers before making application.

Government announced that NHS workers will be exempt of this surcharge. But no time frame for this exemption has announced yet.

Currently NHS Health Surcharge is not free for NHS staffs including GPS, nurses and para medical staff.

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