10 Years Long Residence Route for ILR ZR Visas

10 Year Long Residence Route for Permanent Residence in UK

What is 10 years long residence indefinite leave to remain route?

ILR stands for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom. Immigrants in long term categories such as work and family can apply for ILR after spending 5 years in UK. Immigrants who lived in UK for 10 years legally and can prove their residence in UK, for the whole duration, are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence in United Kingdom on the basis of long residence route.

Main requirements for the 10 Yeas Long Residence ILR route

The 10 years residence should be continuous
It is also mandatory that they kept the terms of their visas or extensions during whole 10 years period.
The applicant must also pass Life in the UK test
Prove that they meet the Knowledge of English Language requirement

Application Cost

As of 29 June 2020, the Home Office fees for 10 Years Long Residence is £2389 in addition to Biometrics enrolment fees of £19.20. NHS Health Surchage is not payable for ILR applications.

Affect of Criminal History on Indefinite Leave to Remain application

People who have criminal history are not at best place as far as any immigration application is concerned. Home Office has strict policy to bar people from getting Indefinite Leave to Remain in particular who have been involved in sex offences. One should certainly consult a professional to get advice before making an application. Book consultation appointment.

Processing Time

As per Home office guidance, applications are decided within 3-6 months, though Super Priority Service normally let the applicants get their decision of ILR application within 2 working days. Complex applications can take much longer than these time scales.

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We offer range of services. You may want us to fully prepare application or you may have prepared your ILR application yourself and want us to check your documents and application before you send your application to the Home Office.

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