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Virtually every one living in this world need legal advice at some point of their life. It might be related to a minor legal question or complex issues of inheritance law, it may be a money dispute or large business contracts, it may be as simple as a notice of government fine or as complex as an assault, murder, burglary, rape. It might be the case that an FIR (First Information Report) has been registered against you or against your loved ones, police is seeking arrest or someone has already been arrested.

You might intend to looking for Quashment of FIR which is falsely registered against you. It might be the case the police is not producing someone arrested before competent court, the arrested person may or may not be held in the Police Station. In a civil proceeding, you might be thinking of filing a law suit for damages or a breach of contract or recovery of possession of the property.

We can meet all your business needs for legal advice and advocacy. Just give us a call or contact us through any other means and we will be there for you on your side. You can entrust that we will do our best to safeguard your interests including all your fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

We can not only advice in all legal matters including civil law, criminal law, business and tax law, family and inheritance law, copyrights and trader mark laws but can also appear in the court of the law up to the constitutional courts in Pakistan. Whether it is a Habeas Corpus writ or a constitutional petition, a review or an appeal before Lahore High Court Bahawalpur Bench or any other bench such as Multan Bench or Lahore High Court. We serve the Sadiqabad Magistrate court to Sessions Court Sadiqabad to the Lahore High Court.

We serve the areas of Sadiq Abad city and surroundings, District Rahim Yar Khan, Liaqatpur, Kanpur, Bahawalpur for Bahawalpur High Court proceedings, Multan, Hasilpur, Ghotki, interior Sindth, Lahore, Sarghoda, Jhang, Mehrabpur and all major cities in Punjab, Sindth, KPK, Islamabad and Balochistan.

Contact us with you queries for advise.


You might comes across a situation where you need someone to represent your application, case or matter at the embassy or Home Office or before an Honourable Court or the tribunal.

This may be due to certain reasons such as:

  • Complex Immigration Matter
  • Complex Legal Matter
  • Language Barrier
  • You have been asked to provide further evidence
  • Your are applying through UK Home Office Premium Same Day Service

We can represent your at Home Office or embassy for your visa application. Representation is dual fold, it can be:

  • Written Representation
  • Oral (In Person) Representation

Feel free to contact us for all your queries.

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