How we work

This section of the website will explain the way we take instructions from client and how we provide advice. Generally speaking, our services can be divided into two broad categories, one-off advice and application preparation & submission/representations at Public Enquiry Office, Home Office, UK. We will discuss the both categories one by one.

Initial Advice: For all type of the applications, normally we have fixed fees except for the one-off advice. In one-off advice which is also known as initial advice, client is requested to let us know the nature of the work and queries they want to ask. On the basis of information provided by client, we can estimate the likely costs of the advice. This type of advice is beneficial when client is not aware of certain immigration requirements or require initial consultation before making their mind to proceed with the application or not, without paying our full fee for application. The clients are only charged on the basis of time spend for the work done and advice given. The fee(s) are payable in advance and all the extra monies taken from client will be returned to client after deduction of our fee. All time spend on attending client over the phone, email, research and writing advice is counted towards time spend for the purposes of initial advice.

Application Preparation: Once client know their line of action and want us to fully prepare and submit their application to UK Border Agency or other official authorities, these are services for them. A fixed fee is charged for applications as per our then fee scale when client care letter would be signed. Client is advised from the very start of the application process, preparation of documents, preparing application and submitting application to UK Border Agency/ Embassy or official department. The client get advice until their application is decided by UKBA/ concerned embassy. They are not charge extra for any relevant queries about their application; the only fee that is charged is a fixed application fee. Client has to provide all the documents and pay all the official fees by themselves.

How I do start the process?

The following typical steps are involved if you want to get initial advice and/or want us to prepare your application:

Fixed Fee for Application/ Request a Quote for Initial Advice

You agreed to pay the fee and  instruct us to proceed

We prepare and send you client care letter which sets your instructions and terms and conditions of the business

You read, sign and send client letter by email and/or post.

You pay the fee in our client bank account

We acknowledge the receipt of fee

We start working on your matter

We contact you if any documents and information required.

We communicate with you and you keep us updated on the progress

We get all the information and documents

We submit your application as your representative

We send you any communication received from UKBA/embassy

We let you know the outcome of your application,

We close your file and send you a Closure Letter.

Still have questions to ask, please contact us.

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