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Fee Waiver Application for Partner, Parent, Spouse Visa Extension Applications

Fee Waiver Application for Visa Extension Application for 5, 10 Years Partner Parent Private and Family Life Route if you can not afford to pay the Home Office Fees

What is Fee Waiver Application?

Applicants for a fee waiver must be seeking leave to remain on one of the specified human rights routes and have a substantive basis for being considered for a grant of such leave. A fee waiver may be granted if the applicant is assessed and found to be destitute or not able to pay the fee or at risk of imminent destitution or their income is not sufficient to meet a child’s particular and additional needs or faced with exceptional financial circumstances.

Applicant will be asked to provide details of their financial circumstances. This will mainly be in the form of statements covering the 6 months period prior to the date of application for all bank or building society accounts they hold, and a full breakdown of their monthly income and expenditure at the time of application. A credit search may also be made with credit reference agencies and data request from HMRC, Department for Work and Pensions and other government organisations. .

Eligibility Requirements

The applicants in following categories are eligible to apply for make a request for Fee Waiver.

• 5-year partner route from applicants who are not required to meet the minimum income threshold because their sponsor is in receipt of one or more specified benefits and who instead must demonstrate that their sponsor can provide adequate maintenance.
• Applications for leave to remain under the 5-year parent route
• Applications for leave to remain under the 10-year partner, parent or private life route invoking ECHR Article 8 (the right to respect for private and family life)
• Discretionary leave (DL) following refusal of asylum or humanitarian protection,
• DL from victims of trafficking or slavery who already had 30 months leave

Costs of the Application: Home Office Fees

There is no fee for the Fee Waiver Application due the obvious reasons that applicants can not afford to pay the fees.

Processing time

Applications are dealt by the Home Office on the basis of their priority needs. It could take from few weeks to months to make a decision on the application. Once a decision is made, a code will be issued to use in the online application for fee exemption. The UK Home Office will allow 10 days to make visa extension application. While application is pending with the Home Office and visa runs out, the legal status of the applicants will not be affected as long as they make their immigration application within the given time i.e. 10 Days.

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On receiving above, we will check them and start preparing your application. If there is any information missing or documents are not in the correct format, we will contact you, advice you the alternative documents you can provide. Full support is provided. Once application is complete, we will send you copy of draft application for your approval. On getting your consent to submit the application, application will be submitted. Read more details.

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