Work Visas

This cateogry covers all work visas including Tier 2 General, Representative of Overseas Business, Work Permits, Skilled Immigration. Work includes voluntary work, paid jobs, entrepreneur and investment visas.

Post Study Visa

After years of wait, the UK Post Study visa is back with the new name ‘Graduate Route’. After completing degree in UK, students can live and work in UK for 2 years. Further, while on this visa, there are handful of immigration categories to switch to, to settle in the United Kingdom permanently.

Criminal Record Certificate

If you are applying for entry clearance under any of the following visa routes, you must provide a criminal record certificate for any country where you have lived for 12 months or more, in the 10 years before your application.

UK Skilled immigration

The people across world emigrate to other countries for various reasons. Skilled immigration is one of the main influencing factor which let them migrate across the world. Skills are divided into main categories:

Australian Skilled Immigration

We can make an assessment of your personal circumstances to advice you whether you qualify for the skilled immigration or investment visa. If you are eligible, we can prepare and submit your application and stand by you at the every step of the process. Contact us for further details or if you wish to request an assessment of your eligibility.

Canadian Skilled Immigration

A country proud to be a multicultural and full of immigrants often referred as ‘Home to Immigrants’ attracts a lot of visitor, skilled worker, business visitors, students, scientists, engineers and professionals around the globe.

Startup Visa

Visa Application Process for Startup Visa Startup visas are not new and UK is not the only country to introduce the start up visa. These visas are introduced to attract the intellectual business ideas in the countries like UK. Main Requirements of the Start up Visa Business idea must be assessed, approved and endorsed by …

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Innovator Visa

This visa for the people who wants to setup and run a business in UK. This is a mandatory requirement that business idea much be innovative and unique. This routes leads to permanent residence and applicants can also acquire British nationality on the fulfilment of certain additional requirements. We can help to plan and prepare your visa application. Below are the main requirements of Innovator Visa

Investor Visa: Golden Visa

Investment immigration route is currently one of the few routes still available which could lead to get Permanent Residence (PR) and Nationality of the destination country. Some of the most famous countries offering Investment option are United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. All of the these counties offer visa in return of a commitment of an investment in their country.

Global Talent visa

This visa is for people who have exceptional talent or exceptional promise in the qualified field. You will need to get an endorcement from approved professional bodies to apply for visa.

Representative of an Overseas Business

Representative of an Overseas visa is a business visa for overseas business who wants to setup a branch or subsidiary of their business in United Kingdom. This visa also covers the employees of the newspapers, news channels and media organisations.