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All visas and visa extensions for family visas including Visit Visa, Fiance Visa, Sposue, Partner Visa, dependant children under 18, dependant children of EU Citizens, EU family permits.

UK Spouse Visa for EU Citizens Nationals living in UK ZR Visas

UK spouse visa, partner visa, unmarried partner, civil partner dependant visa for European nationals, EU citizens

The service is equally suitable for UK spouse visa for European nationals EU citizens and non-EU citizens after. The law has changed after Brexit. The rights of family members of EU nationals are protected until 30 June 2021. After that, dependants of the EU should apply spouse visa or fiance visa or marriage visitor visa. Spouse Visa is a family immigration category which allow British Citizens, Settled Persons, person with Settled Status or pre-settled status to sponsor your partner so that they can join you in UK to start family life.

Applying for Spouse Visa Extending spouse visa FLR Partner visa FLR

Spouse Visa Apply Extend or Switch

To sponsor partner and children to join you in UK to live with you permanently or your spouse just want to visit you in UK, there are multiple options available depending on your circumstance.

7 Years Child route extension: ZR Visas, Stoke

Application as a parent of a British citizen child- 10 years family life route

Applying and Extending stay as a Parent of British Child 5/10 Years- Family Private life route to settle in UK: 10 Years Route Introduction Eligibility requirements: Child Route Eligibility requirements: Partner Route Our success rate Key facts, processing time Service suitability Application costs Our services, Fees, Book Online Other ways to Book After Booking Service …

Application as a parent of a British citizen child- 10 years family life route Read More »

7 Years child visa family route apply extend stay in UK- ZR Visas

7 Years Child Residence Visa Route for Parents and carers

Parent of a child who is British Citizens or a settled person living in the UK can apply to extend their stay in the UK being the carer of British citizen child. They should have parental and upbringing responsibility of the child. The parental responsibility can be sole or shared.

US Green Card Family Fiance Spouse Brother Sister Parents ZR Visas K1

USA Fiancé Visa- Family Members Petitions for US Green Card

Visa for Fiancé, Parents, Spouse, Brothers and Sisters of U.S. Citizens- Petition for US Green Card Introduction Our Services- Book Online Eligibility requirements Procedure of application Dependant Children Petition as Parents, Siblings Key facts Processing time Cost of Application Application Forms List of Required Documents Service suitability Our services and Fees Full Application Service Application …

USA Fiancé Visa- Family Members Petitions for US Green Card Read More »

Visit Visa Family Visit Visa PLAB Tourist Visa UK ZR Visas

Visit Visa

You may be intending to visit a county to celebrate special occasions, touring, to see family or friends, to attend marriage, for professional examination, medical treatment, attending seminars or conferences or exploring business opportunities or going abroad for medical treatment, we can help you for all these purposes to make a successful visa application. We have almost 15 years experiance of dealing with visa applications.

UK PLAB Exam Visit Visa PLAB 1 PLAB 2 GMC UK ZR Visas

PLAB Examination UK Visa- Register with GMC

The PLAB is the examination by which international medical graduate or doctors students can prove that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to practice as a doctor in the United Kingdom. Should you planning to appear in the examination and you need help for any aspect of the test booking process and visa application for the purpose, we can advice you.

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