Adult Dependant Relative

A blood relation in need to of long term care from a British citizen or settled person i.e. brother, sister, parent, grandchild, son and daughter in the UK.

Eligibility Requirements

Must be blood relation i.e. Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Grandson

They are unable to do their everyday tasks without the help of someone due to their age, disability or illness.

No one is available to take care of them in their own country.

UK sponsor must be a British Citizen or have Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK or have Refugee status or Humanitarian protection in the United Kingdom.

Must be over 18 years of age

UK Sponsor family member is able to support, care and accomodate for five years withour recourse to the Public Funds.

Duration of the visa

If their UK sponsor is a settled person or British Citizen, they can live in UK as long they want and acquire British Citizenship too.

If their UK sponsor have Refugee status or Humanitarian protection in UK, they can stay in UK upto the validity of visa of their UK sponsor. They can extend their visa and get Permanant Residence in the United Kingdom.

Services we offer

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