Month: July 2017

UK Visas

The UK immigration rules welcomes the investors in the United Kingdom. The UK Investors can invest in any business (except property), bring family in UK and can apply for permanent residence (PR) and British nationality after completion of 2-5 years. This is one of the very exceptional category which provides a fast track PR. The higher the amount of investment in the United Kingdom, the sooner PR can be applied. ​

Lawyers in Lahore

Virtually every one living in this world need legal advice at some point of their life. It might be related to a minor legal question or complex issues of inheritance law, it may be a money dispute or large business contracts, it may be as simple as a notice of government fine or as complex as an assault, murder, burglary, rape. It might be the case that an FIR (First Information Report) has been registered against you or against your loved ones, police is seeking arrest or someone has already been arrested.

English Language Requirement

It is requirement of certain immigration categories including spouse visa, Tier 2 Visa, Skilled Immigration for all countries and investment visas in some countries, that applicants should have certain level of English Language Skills in order to meet immigration rules. If you are applying in any one of those categories then we can help.

How we work

This section of the website will explain the way we take instructions from client and how we provide advice. Generally speaking, our services can be divided into two broad categories, one-off advice and application preparation & submission/representations at Public Enquiry Office, Home Office, UK. We will discuss the both categories one by one.

Post Study Visa

After years of wait, the UK Post Study visa is back with the new name ‘Graduate Route’. After completing degree in UK, students can live and work in UK for 2 years. Further, while on this visa, there are handful of immigration categories to switch to, to settle in the United Kingdom permanently.


The PLAB is the examination by which international medical graduate or doctors students can prove that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to practice as a doctor in the United Kingdom. Should you planning to appear in the examination and you need help for any aspect of the test booking process and visa application for the purpose, we can advice you.


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