Quality of documents for UK Visa Applications

Quality of Documents required for UK Visa Applications

As part of the application process and to prepare your visa application, we will need copies of scan documents.The quality of the documents should be good enough that documents can be read clearly, graphics and data are clearly readable.

Consequences of not providing quality documents

This could adversely affect the outcome of your application. If visa officer (entry clearance officer) is unable to read the information from the documents then your documents will be rejected. This means that visa officer will like not have important and mandatory documents which in turn may cause refusal of visa application, due to insufficient evidence and not meeting the requirements of the immigration rules.Checking the quality of the documentsYour allocated immigration caseworker will check all your documents before uploading them as part of the application. If any of the documents are not in correct format or their quality us not good, they will let you know at least once. If you do not provide better scan copies or documents in required format, we will use the documents you provided and in that case, you will accept the risk of application being turned down. A refusal application mean that you will loose your visa and very valuable time which you spent to gather all the required information and documents. If you are already in the UK, you may have to leave the country in certain number of days.

If you are not sure whether a document is of good quality or not.

As a standard, you should be able to read the documents without zooming on laptop, tablet or phone.

Further help and support

Contact your caseworker for further help on the quality of documents or any other queries. If you have booked our full application service, you will receive unlimited support for a fixed fee.

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